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ESR and CRP results

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Hi everyone how are you all? Hope you’re well. Looking for some info please? Still in agony since I’ve come off Methotrexate and moving to Azathioprine. Latest bloods show ESR of 112 and CRP of 68. I know these are high but wondering if I should be concerned? Got hospital appointment on Friday and it can’t come soon enough. Any info would be much appreciated 🤗

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Those are very high - so you do need to make sure they listen - and take notice of them. No wonder you are in pain with all that inflammation around. No point being concerned - but it does suggest azathioprine isn't doing much yet.

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Hi many thanks for replying. I’ve been on Azathioprine for about 4 weeks now so I’ve got a few more weeks before it starts to work. The most annoying thing is that it’s years since I’ve felt this bad and just wish pain relief had been factored into the change over. Thanks again🥰

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A bit of pred might have been kind!

I agree with Pro. Normally I would say that the CRP isn't scarily high, I've sent many patients home with slightly higher CRP on oral antibiotics for infections but those were people with "normal" immune systems and when it comes to us lot who knows how reactive our immune systems are and how it's reflected in the bloods. For instance, the highest my CRP has ever been was 29 and I was in hospital on IVs. Your ESR is very high. Ouch. No wonder you feel dreadful. Usual values are between 0-12 in most places.

How have your symptoms actually been? What hurts or rather what doesn't hurt?

Sending very gentle hugs. I hope the azathioprine is suiting you.

Have you planned what you want to ask and get out of your appointment on Friday?

Depends on what is the normal range for the method your lab used.

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PMRpro in reply to Tanitani

Normal range for ESR worldwide for any age range is never above 30

poor you, that is high results I had high results but not that rocket high . Hope they take notice of your results. all the best on your appointment on Friday. keep up with the pain killers . xx


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