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Lupus and Antibiotics

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I have lupus SLE, I take daily Mychophenolate,steroids and hydroxychloroquine.

When the GP gives you antibiotics should you stop your Mychophenolate as they are immunosuppressant ?

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Hi.i take the same plus antibiotic azithromycin 3x a week.if I need stronger antibiotics I have to stop mff and the azithromycin until the course is finished. X

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Oshgosh in reply to Spanielmadlady

I’m the same as spaniel lady.

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Hi there! Just had to stop mine for a 5-day antibiotic....but was instructed to continue with my Immunosuppressants right after. Hope you are on your way to well!

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Hi there, I always stop my mmf when I am on antibiotics or have a virus. Seems to be the general consensus. Hope you feel better soon x

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Betty909090 in reply to tiredmum

Antibiotics do NOT work on viruses.

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Was put on Mmf last Friday and was told to stop it if put on Antibiotics so yes looks like it.

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Yes it is,

I'm on methotrexate had stop while on treatment for infection otherwise infection becomes far far worse and won't heal.

I've not one your on they should told what it is or give you a leaflet .

All best hope infection goes soon.

Take care

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Stopping DMARDS for Lupus during a secondary injection should be discussed with your Rheumatologist.

Any infection can ALSO cause a TRIGGER for LUPUS FLARES.

With any INFECTIONS- ALWAYS contact your Rheumatologist to alert them to your current health problems if your GP PRESCRIBED additional medicine(s) - since it could affect your Lupus symptoms.

Always keep the Rheumatologist in the “LOOP”.

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soul22 in reply to Djlr

No actually

I'm told stop immune suppressants if bad sore throat or infection .

Dnards no need to stop such as hydroxychlorquine thsts not immune suppressant.

You then contact rheumatology helpline i have email to contact to say off immune suppression due infection.

Then guide me when to re start,guidance is never take immune suppressant during infection unless told to for say steroids for asthma flare up.

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When I had antibiotics for an ear infection, I was told I could continue with my myco and pred.

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