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Three Sleepy squirrels

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This was taken by a man who found these three beauties fast asleep in his window box. How precious are they? I hope they make you smile today xxx

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So cute! Thank you for making my day Cecily. xx

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CecilyParsley in reply to LalSD

You are welcome, they made me smile today too xxx

Cecily, Love, love , love this! Thank you for starting my day with such a sweet picture.

Healing hugs.

Glad you love them, such beautiful creatures xxx

lovely to see them looking so cute. usually dashing around so fast you barely get a chance for a good look.

I know, I rarely see them now which is such a shame xxx

Oh thank you. This is so beautiful. 🤗🤗

Pleased you like it xxx

They are beyond gorgeous ❤️. Thank you for posting 😘x

I know they are just scrumptious aren’t they? Glad you like them xxx

Thank you for sharing those endearing pics! I hope you are doing ok on the grand scheme of things (i.e. rotten chronic illness) 💐

You are very welcome. We need all the smiles we can get these days. I am muddling along just a bit fed up with myself at the moment. I am so sick of being me. How are you doing? Xxx

Don’t feel like that CP, you’re lovely, everyone here is. Enjoy being who you are especially with your hair as your crowning glory

Aww thank you so much. I am just fed up of the falls. Just as one lot of bruises heal I get a new lot. Good job I have padding 😂. Take care xxx

Well from the fact I've only just spotted your question now, I'd say the brain fog is definitely not v good just now, never the pain and other rubbish 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 So sorry for late reply !

No worries lovely. I am just struggling through wet sand right now. The walk I get when I have brain fog. Keep smiling xxx

Keep going 🤗 Hopefully brighter days ahead for us all

I do hope so 🙏🏻🤞🏻 Xxx

It looks as if they are just having a nap to me bless them. I would feed them constantly if they were at my house so that they would never want to leave xxx

How cute do they look - are they drunk 😂 we have bird feeders in the garden and Bea & Mira often see squirrels pinching the nuts and they go nuts literally 😂 hope you are doing ok Cecily and that your still pleased with your hair xx

They are just gorgeous. Mine have never seen one except on the tv but Brodie would definitely want to play with them. I had my nasty black spike covered up today. Very strange they no longer put temporary crowns but make up a white filling which you are not to eat with or it will shatter 😱. Given that it is in the middle top tooth it is making life and eating very difficult. I made soup and bread but even the bread was difficult to manage, I had to rip it up and shove it into the corner of my mouth.I think I might look on the net to see if there are any I can buy to stick on because the chances of it lasting until February is slim to none. My hair is still good thanks it makes me smile rather than despair. In two weeks the boys get groomed and we are all ready for Christmas xxx

Yes I can imagine it must be extremely difficult eating at the moment and like you say the chances of it lasting to Feb are very slim , you must post a pic of Brodie & Dylan after theve been groomed , we’ve put our Christmas decorations and tree up already , luckily Ian loves Christmas just as much as me 😂 have a good weekend 💕

Oh that’s lovely. We were going to put the tree up yesterday but I had zero energy so today it is. As I am so fatigued we are talking our living room in four goes. Tree and lit parcels and wreath over the mirror today. Nativity tomorrow, banisters Monday and wreath over the door and table runners Tuesday. That’s the plan anyway if I don’t fall asleep. I need a new light for my window as Neil smashed it last year so I will have a look online. At least my mincemeat and pickling is done and I have written half my cards. It’s a start . Is it Mira Monday soon? Xxx

Ian has done all the pickling - do you make your own mincemeat ? That is impressive - very wise doing abit every day - took us 2 days to do it all- yes Mira Monday is coming very soon 🤗❤️

Yes it is sooo easy. This year I used sour cherries, blueberries, cranberries, sultanas, raisins and mixed peel soaked in Cointreau and orange juice. Just mix with cinnamon, mixed spice, nutmeg, ginger, muscavado sugar and suet and leave for two weeks . It’s foolproof and so much nicer than the shop bought stuff . Yay Mrs Mondays coming soon. Great news ❤️ Xxx

Sounds divine xx

I hope you get your tooth sorted out as that sounds very awkward CP

The dentist put a filling on the spike. The difficulty is I am not to eat or bite down on it and my appointment to even get an impression taken is in February. I cannot see it lasting until then and it is really hard having to shove food in the corner of my mouth and trying not to chew with my front teeth 😬 xxx


Even more special as they are reds?

Yes so very beautiful aren’t they? Xxx

Oh how precious they are - what a lovely, lovely sight - thank you for sharing. 😊

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CecilyParsley in reply to Tbrz

So pleased you like them xx

Fantastic. What a beautiful photograph. Isn't nature wonderful when we stop, take a breath and observe. Thanks so much for a warm feeling inside on a really cold morning. Squirrell Nutkin is alive and well. Reminds me of a BBC2 programme we were watching last night called the "Wild Gardener" so beautiful with some stunning photos of red squirrels and pine martens with lovely video too. It's really worth a watch. Namaste 🙏 🧘‍♀️❤

I will have a look on the I Player now thank you. We love vets programmes, wildlife but I just cannot watch prey animals it freaks me out. I get a blanket over my head and hum until hubby tells me it is safe to come out. We have such beauty all around us and man hunts, destroys and ruins it. It really is shameful. Oh for a Lotto win so that I can open a sanctuary 🤞🏻🙏🏻 Xxx

I can confirm, no nasties on that programme as I'm the same. It is just a lovely man who feels very much like we do. I hope you have or will enjoy it. Namaste 🙏 🧘‍♀️❤

That’s even better thank you so much we will love it I am sure xxx

Aww what a gorgeous photo, aren’t they just so adorable 🥰 😍🤗🐿🐿🐿❤️

Absolutely. I really wish they would visit me. They would be spoiled rotten xxx

& that, I can believe😘Xx

Thank you. That's made my day! X

I am so pleased 🐿🐿🐿 xxx

Very cute & red as well.. full bellies from stealing all the bird nuts I expect, haha!

They are regular visitors to us (grey variety) & have my respect when they stare you out, as it can be a little unnerving sometimes.!!🥴

I am watching 2 beautiful spotted woodpeckers on our bird nuts, at the moment, who are hanging on for dear life in this dreadful wind.

Take care Cecily & keep warm


Oh how wonderful to have such lovely visitors. All we have here are crows and robins and the occasional hedgehog and water vole. We get rats too ( don’t tell my neighbours but we feed them ). When Neil was working in Torquay we rented a garden flat in one of the B&B’s. I was in heaven. The number of squirrels was mind boggling. I got him to drive me to Pets at Home and we bought bags and bags of squirrel nuts and other treats. They came in three’s and four’s and I just watched them for hours. So much better than being stuck in front of the tv for hours 🐿🐿🐿 xxx

Haha love it.. you have a very generous heart❤

..& yes we are very fortunate being surrounded by wildlife, but I have to confess, that even though I have lived in the countryside all of my life & love all animals & birds dearly- I am a little scared of rats & mice. I think its the scurrying & the element of surprise they give, never fail to make me jump😬

& dont worry Cecily your secrets safe, we won't tell your neighbour! 😉


They are so so cute. A few weeks ago we had tiny weary little ones. Very unusual for them to be out alone so we thought maybe their parents had been killed as Neil saw a cat with a dead one in the alley. We watched them the three little mites jumping around rolling over and playing and our hearts went out to them. We decided there and then to feed them. They came back every night for a week the little trio and ate fruit, seeds, bread and dog food. We haven’t seen them since but I hope that they are ok. Such clever little creatures xxx

Fingers crossed they survived🤞Xx

Thx for adorable photo Cecily. I’ll have to show it to the men in my life/hunting squirrels may come to a better conclusion 😬. I’ve never seen them when they aren’t Chattering and running simultaneously 😊

Ooohh nooooo hunting them? 🙉🙈 I used to work with a man who drowned them because they attacked his thatched roof. I used to beg him to bring them to me to release but he wouldn’t 😭 xxx


🥰🥰 Beautiful. So nice to see something so peaceful after last nights storm Arwen. That was one scary storm. Thankfully we came out of it with no damage but a neighbour lost the roof of her porch. There are also reports, and pictures, of caravans that have been blown into gardens and trees landing on cars. Has died down a lot today but is still very windy. Xx 💨 🌪

Thank you. My Brodie was out in our garden last night with food bins, bin lids and plant pots flying everywhere. His ears were flapping so hard I was scared the poor boy might take off but he was just enjoying the breeze lol. Typical cocker spaniel refusing to come in until he was ready 🙄😂🐶 xxx

aww.. they are Red Squirrels as well how gorgeous they are🥰

They are just scrumptious 😍🐿🐿🐿 xx

Sleeping beauties!! Thanks for sharing this pic Cecily 🤗🌈😽😽xx

You are welcome Kat. How are you lovely? Any news on the car? Xxx

I'm ticking along ok thank you 🤗No further news on the car 😔

We've been decorating!! We've done the hall n now we're working on the living room. Taking a bit of a break now though coz we painted the wall behind my chair n later on that day I was suddenly violently sick!! Think it must have been the paint fumes or something!! 😹So the living rooms half done at the moment!!

Due to still having no car I've been kitting myself out for winter wheelchair travel. I got some snow booties this week n I've been trying to break them in. It's been soooo long since I've been able to wear a boot..they've got a faux fur lining n are nice n warm n they'll keep my feet dry too!! I've worn them for about fifteen minutes for the past three days n although my feet are protesting I think they're gonna be just fine!! I'm a bit fed up of buying footwear n then when it comes I can't wear I'm very pleased that these seem to be doable!! 🤞I can wear them Tuesday when I'm out for blood test.

I'm sorry to hear your knees been playing up again Cecily..u seem to be having a lot of falls lately 🤗I hope that the physio helps. I saw a pic of your hair too..lovely colour!! 😁🌈😽😽Xx

Oh Kat I am so sorry that after all that effort of decorating you were sick. Paint fumes are awful. I don’t have your severe issues when buying and wearing footwear but my feet swell like balloons so I struggle to get any boots to fit my trotters. I found Cosyfeet EEEEE fit ankle booties two years ago and they have changed my life. They are warm comfortable and look nice with leggings. Previously it was hard in Birkenstocks in the cold and wet. Post a photo of yours. I hope they don’t hurt your feet too much lovely. I am so annoyed that your car is still not here for you especially now that it is so cold. Fingers crossed it is here for you soon. What a celebration that will be eh?I think it’s my hamstring making me fall , my leg just gives out and over I go. Honestly I look as if I have been beaten up under my clothes but at least my black eye is almost gone. Thank you for liking my copper hair. It has cheered me up no end xxx

Sorry for the delay Cecily 🤗I only had a pic of my new boots with my pyjamas on so I've waited until I can get a pic with me actually dressed!! 🌈😽😽Xx

New booties!!

Oh they look comfy and warm Kat, just what you need in this cold weather xxx


I found this :-If squirrels aren’t hibernating, how do they survive during winter?

During the warmer months you can’t fail to notice the frenetic activities of your local squirrels as they busy themselves foraging and collecting nuts and seeds. The grey squirrel in particular has a very varied diet and over the course of the year they can collect and hoard up to three years’ worth of their food requirements. They grab what they can, when they can and quite literally bury it away for a rainy day.

Amazingly a squirrel can hoard its food in thousands of different locations and can even pretend to be burying their bounty before they hide it elsewhere, if they think they are being watched. Then come the winter months, they use a combination of distant and local landmarks and then their sense of smell to locate their food stashes with astonishing accuracy, meaning they have a regular supply of food even when berries and nuts are scarce.

They definitely put a 😃 smile on my face. All of God's creations are special. 😊🙏💓Lisa💕

Very true Lisa. I am so pleased they made you smile xxx

Permission to share on my FB page please? 😊

Of course. I actually got it from Facebook xxx


Thank you for posting the sleepy squirrels, so cute 😍! I'm glad you have help during the week as we all need to get out a bit here and there, get some fresh air.

Thank you, yes Rosemary has become a very dear friend for the past five years. We get on so well. She says I am the friend she has always wanted and the feeling is mutual xxx

I love it! This is the stuff we need. It sure brought a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing.

You are very welcome xxx

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