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I have surgery on my hand on Sunday ( tendons alignment) I’m so scared , I’m not sure I can go through with it. In July a girl from my town who had lupus went for surgery to remove a cyst and contracted septicaemia and die , she was only 26 .I read that septic is a shock reaction of the body attaching healthy tissues/organs . I have raynauds on my hands i wonder if there could be a bad reaction .

Any advise or experiences

Thank you 😊

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Septic shock or septicemia is typically caused by a bacterial infection of the blood. The chances of you getting an infection this bad from a tendon release surgery is very low, albeit the risk is never 0%. The most risk is taken during the nerve block if they don’t plan on sedating you. One thing I would suggest is making sure they don’t use any vasoconstrictors in the block like epinephrine given your Raynauds. This can be discussed with the anesthesiologist who will do the nerve block. Otherwise, it should be easy peasy. Recovery time is a month or two and you’ll get your finger functionality back with minimal pain.

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Thank you, so reassuring 😊

I have lupus and in the last 3.5 years I've had two hip replacements and my gall bladder removed, with no problems. Serious infections are incredibly rare with modern surgery, so please don't worry.

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Thank you 😊 I feel so much better , you’re always so helpful 💕

I had major surgery to create a stoma. 9 hours. also 6 procedures each lasting up to 6 hours to "chisel" away at a huge kidney stone. all with lupus and I was fine. no infections or reactions to anaesthetic at all. worst part was the hospital food now that might kill you.

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Thank you , so reassuring, I just needed to hear real experiences 😊

😹😹 very funny 😹👍🌈😽😽xx

You’ll be fine .. think positive lovely. Wishing you well and a speedy recovery, focus on how well you will be afterwards and so much better 🤗

I would defo have the surgery; go for the general anaesthetic, it'll be the best and most pain free sleep you'll ever have, in my opinion. 😁 I quite look forward to surgery tbh for this reason alone; together with the fact that just for a few short days, people are really lovely to you. Long term of course, your problems will be better. 3 years ago I couldn't walk for 3 months, addicted to all sorts of pain relief for the "back ache", prescribed by the doctor until I had my spinal surgery. The effects were immediate - within 3 hours of the operation I was up and walking without the crippling nerve pain. The road to recovery has been long and quite frustrating at times, but not from the pain point of view. I would advise looking beyond Sunday and thinking about the freedom you may have from the operation. My friend who is a theatre sister always says, surgeons don't really want to operate unless they are pretty sure they can make you better. Hope some of this helps. Me personally, I like all the terrible tv I can watch after and no one says a thing 😉. It will all go very well. Namaste 🙏

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Yes, I’m having general anaesthetic so something to look forward haha , you made me feel a lot better thank you 🙏

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Right, I'm so jell. I love the bit where they say "Imagine your favourite drink...." then you're gone into sleep bliss! Although I did say to the anesthetist last time - "Give it to me NOW!!" The waking up bit is lovely... all warm and snuggly saying stupid things to the recovery staff. Apparently last time I said I had a big allotment and a whole conversation about horseradish and potatoes. I would happily go in your place. Just the thought of some decent, pain free💤 😴. I did have Entinox for my back pain once which they had to prise outta my tight little fingers when I got to A&E... aah the memories....😉

Hi.I've had lots of surgery with GA, without problems.

GA is soooo much better these days - and they can now 'fine tune' it to your specific requirements. I've had some very interesting chats with the anaesthetists!!

Try to not worry too much; please let us know how you get on.


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Yes I will , thank you 😊🤗

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Hi Melaxx, I just had foot surgery yesterday and I have raynauds and scluraderma crest syndrome and a host of other things and so far so good. You can't worry about something that happened to someone else and worry it could happen to you otherwise you'll become a recluse never taking care of yourself. Tell the doctor how and why you feel like that then listen to the advice you get and take it from there. Also talk to family and friends about it, it could help immensely. Take care and let us know how it went either way. Sending you prayers 🙏 and hugs 🫂 🤗 and positivity.

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Thank you for the support, I’ll let you know how it went ❤️ 🤗

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