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Moving lock, stock, and farmer Farrell

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Hello dear fellow Lupies,

On our way to the doctor we were amused to see the farmer taking his gate as well as his cattle to another field. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their love, support, experiences and reassurance on my last post. I feel much more positive about Wednesday thanks to all of you. 👍🏻👍🏻

The other piece of news some of you may have noticed towards the end of that post was that our Willow has been admitted to the Royal Free hospital in Barnet, with a suspected stroke. She was saddened to find that the nurses on her ward, who had been discussing her, thought that Lupus is a condition confined to the skin. 🤦‍♀️ Anyway, I’m wishing her a speedy recovery as I’m sure everybody here will too.

Love and hugs to you all. 🤗😘💖xxx

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Oh no, poor Willow. I am so terribly sorry to hear this news. Bless her I hope she makes a good recovery and manages to educate the nurses 🙄. Lovely photo again. I wish you well for your op lovely. I know it will be a big thing for you but brighter days beyond for sure. Much love and big Cwtches xxx

Haha, the PIP assessment on Wednesday does feel like an op coming up but I’m sure I’ll recover from it much quicker than going under the knife. Thanks as ever for your kind wishes Cecily and I hope Willow will read this post to see your lovely remarks. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love to you, Neil, and your 2 boys. 🤗😘xxxx

Oh goodness my brain is so random. So sorry lovely. I have overdone it yesterday and today and now I am paying for it. Good luck with the Pip, you will be fine. Whatever they say you can always appeal it but hopefully you will get it as you deserve. Xxx

Absolutely no need to apologise Cecily. We are all the same after a busy day when we’ve overdone it. 😑 Whatever I say in those circumstances seems to come out back to front and upside down!🙃 SO frustrating. Let’s hope that happens in my PIP assessment as they’ll then definitely be convinced I need assistance! 😆 Hoping you feel better today 🙏🏻 Thanks for your kind wishes. 🤗😘xx

Thank you lovely for understanding xxx


Lovely photo spotty , we don't often see farmers moving everything like that. No wonder it raised a smile on way to doctor's. Its given me a lovely smile tonight.😀

I am sorry to hear about Willow and the ignorance of nurses about our condition. More educating needed there and thats a big surprise as The Royal Free is a wellknown hospital with a world renowned CTD dept!. I should think she was either new or missed the training!. Its bad enough being ill without having to explain our illnesses everywhere we go!.

I do hope she makes a good recovery, do give her my best wishes although i don't really know her .

Im pleased to read your feeling stronger for weds. Keeping 🤞 it goes well and mon too. i hope mrs flycatcher is looking after those eggs properly!. Im thinking of you all. 😀

Take care spotty and keep safe Xx🤞❤🤞

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

Glad the photo made you smile Misty. 👍🏻 Willow has just left a message on the PIP post to say she’s home again now and that it wasn’t a stroke after all thank goodness. 🙏🏻 She was in the Royal Free in Barnet, not London, so perhaps their nursing staff aren’t kept up to date as much as the London hospital. 🤷🏼‍♀️ For all the nurses of that ward not to have known any better is alarming.Mrs Flycatcher is still sitting tight as much as she can, but if the eggs don’t hatch very soon I fear she has not succeeded in incubating them properly.😥 She’s running out of time with it being 1st August tomorrow, because they migrate back to tropical Africa in August. I’ll keep praying for her though.🙏🏻

Thanks again for your kind wishes for Wednesday Misty. I’ll be thinking of you on Monday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 😘🤗xx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Thats lovely news spotty about Willow. Thank goodness she hasnt had a stroke!. I hope shes better soon. Royal free in Barnet wouldn' t be the same level as one in London so they do need educating. Unfortunate and confusing they have the same name.

Ill keep my fingers tightly crossed for mrs flycatcher as oh gosh shes not got long to incubate those eggs!.

We suddenly had a chaffinch visit our garden yesterday. Not had one before!. Different birds are suddenly appearing in different places these days!.

I do appreciate your thoughts and prayers spotty and might well need them specially on monday as my injections will be with a different consultant. My usual one has had to self-isolate so her colleague is stepping in. I just hope he's not 'pinged ' either!.

Its a good way of getting another opinion, just hope he's easy to talk to .

Do hope all goes well for you spotty and ill be willing you on. You'll be so relieved when its all done. Best of luck lovely. Xx🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

Yes, it is great news Misty. Willow is home now and recuperating. 👍🏻👍🏻 She gave an update on my PIP post. Mrs Flycatcher needs all the luck she can have so thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for her. How lovely you had a chaffinch visit when you don’t usually have them. Was it the colourful male or duller female? We have them regularly. Strange how different birds are common to certain areas. Have you seen your headgehogs recently? We’ve never seen one in our garden sadly.☹️

I hope all goes well with your new consultant tomorrow Misty. 🙏🏻Thanks for your kind wishes for my PIP assessment on Wednesday. I’ll let you know how it goes. We are going out for the day next day to celebrate it being over with.😁

Enjoy your day Misty. 🤗😘xx

This pic made me smile Spotty, really funny the tractor holding the gate - I’m pleased to see that Willow is home and that she didn’t have a stroke, speedy recovery Willow 🤗

Good luck with your PIP phone call next week , I’m sure it will all be ok xxx

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Spotty-ewe in reply to svfarmer

So pleased the pic made you smile SV. 👍🏻👍🏻 Yes, Willow is home now and she’s been diagnosed with some form of migraine I’ve never heard of before which she mentions in my PIP post in her update. So pleased for her it wasn’t a stroke but it sounds like she’s had a few more conditions diagnosed to add to her cocktail. Thank you for your kind wishes SV and I’ll be thinking of you on Tuesday.

Love and hugs and cuddles for Mira and Bea. 🤗😘xxx

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svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe


Good news about willow...Suppose that's one way to work cattle without a trusted sheep dog 🤗 or corgie....

You mentioned PIP assessment.... Ask for a break if you need it (or not)... I worked so hard on trying to get through the interview & articulate I was sick the next day.... They will hang on....

Good luck with the assessment....👍👍 ml

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Spotty-ewe in reply to maggielee

Yes, it was definitely a novel way of herding the cattle.😆Thanks for the advice regarding PIP. Hubby has warned them I might need a break, and after what you’ve just told me I’ll definitely ask for one. 👍🏻The last thing I need is for the assessment to make me ill next day. 😣 I hope you got yours Maggie🙏🏻 Thanks for your very kind wishes. 🤗😘xx

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maggielee in reply to Spotty-ewe

Hey SpottyJust caught up with your PIP posting, lots of lovely advise...

Yes did get it🌈 - basic....but happy I got through & they back pay you, if successful. Macmillan think I should ask to increase it as they felt I was enough of a mess health-wise to try for the higher rate....

Remember worse day scenario interview was on the phone, so will ask how far you can walk for example a bus length .... Etc etc.

It's hard to say when you feel like crap everyday & you have difficulties, but this is the time to let them knowhow bad bad is......😋... Lots of help.....

As I mentioned ask for a bathroom break, i shouldn't asked for more 🤔, unfortunately just wanted to be all to be done with...

My best wishes & great hubby is there... ml

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Spotty-ewe in reply to maggielee

Oh Maggie, if Macmillan are involved with you it sounds like your health really is complicated and in a very bad way. I would take their advice and try for a higher rate. Would they be able to help you with that? If not I know Citizen’s Advice will help and it can be done over the phone. They were very helpful to hubby when he was filling out the form and even offered to fill the it out for him. Yes, I was overwhelmed by the fabulous response to my post so full of helpful advice, experiences and good wishes. 🥰 I LOVE this forum as everybody is so kind and helpful.

Thanks again for your advice Maggie.👍🏻👍🏻 I’ll definitely ask for at least 1 break if not more - I’ll see how it goes. Like you I just want it done and dusted so I can relax again. I’m so glad you got it but it sounds like it needs to be upgraded and a request made for a higher rate. 🤔

With love and hugs 🤗😘xx

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maggielee in reply to Spotty-ewe

Ahhh it's been great to read such lovely responses to your question about PIP....and kind of you to think about me....yes Macmillan would help, just picking my 'battles'...right now writing to specialis ts for scan/s....

If they ask a question like going down stairs, I should have said step by step with both hands on the rail....I was pretty wobbly.... There are like the form very practical questions in the assessment......

Hug to you, we are all behind you

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Spotty-ewe in reply to maggielee

I understand what you mean taking on one battle at a time. Good luck with your specialists. Good to know the kind of question they’ll be asking. It is so easy to think of what you should have said afterwards - I’m great at that! 🙄Because of my awful balance I do come down steps as you described unless hubby is there to take one arm and I have the other hand on the rail. But it is so easy not to be able to think straight wehn stressed, so I expect I’ll be wishing I said x, y & z!

Thanks once again Maggie. Take care of yourself. In my thoughts and parayers. 🙏🏻🤗😘xx

😂 that did make me laugh! How wonderful! I remember one time doing community visits I had to visit a house in the middle of nowhere. I’d put the address in the sat nav and it was the sort of thing where you think surely not, as it was just so far out from anything. Anyway, I’m trundling along these country lanes, farmers are out ploughing the fields, either they don’t get many cars down the lanes or I looked pretty lost because they were all watching. There’s me leaning out the window in my uniform waving “morning! Beautiful day!” 😅

Oh really hope Willow is ok! And how shameful the ignorance of the nurses, but that’s something I often find in my profession that other health are professionals may just assume what something is. If I get a patient where I really don’t know much about their condition I at least quickly Google it, and I find a “so how does xxx affect you?” Goes a long way and the patient feels much more involved in their care. But I digress, really hope everything is ok. Relaxing thoughts coming your way x

Love the story of being watched T&T. Having lived in VERY remote areas I’m sure you are right and that they didn’t have many cars passing their way. Good for you waving and shouting a greeting.👍🏻👍🏻 Are you a District Nurse? If so you must see all sorts of places and circumstances. My best friend in a remote area of the Scottish Highlands where I lived in my late 20s was a retired District Nurse. So many stories she told me some very amusing and some very sad. She was a character and watching ‘Call the Midwife’ I often think of her. But now I digress too.😁Yes, Willow seems to be doing okay from what she says at the end of my PIP post. She’s been told she suffers from vestibular migraines.

Thanks for your good wishes T&T, I’m sure Willow will appreciate it. Take care and I hope you have a good week. 🤗😘xx

I’m a midwife, so it really is like call the midwife! Some things you certainly can’t write in this job! Anyway I’m back in the hospital now in a job that really suits me and my skills so I’m a lot happier in that regard! Ouch! Migraines are awful at the best of times. I’m always very mindful of certain conditions when it’s fine to self manage at home and when I definitely need to see someone. So definitely the right thing this time by going to be told thankfully it isn’t a stroke!

Wishing you a lovely week too! Xx

What a lovely job a midwife is T&T. 👍🏻👍🏻 Well most of the time. There must be some very sad times too. My friend Jenny was a district nurse and midwife from the 1920s and went to the small village where I met her, from a small town near Glasgow during the 1930s. Her stories of being taken by motorbike in the middle of the night to a croft where the wife had gone into labour, or staying with an infant boy of travelling folk all through the night to treat his pneumonia with mustard poultices (no antibiotics in those days) were fascinating. She also thought nothing of rolling up her sleeves to peel tatties and wash up before the man came home if the wife was too unwell to do so. Very different times. I wish I had recorded her stories because it is very much a bygone era. Thanks for your kind wishes T&T. Once I get my PIP assessment out of the way on Wednesday, I’ll feel more relaxed. Take care. 🤗😘xx

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