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Positive covid test today

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Hi I’m not new on here but haven’t written on here for a few years!

I need to ask for advice!

I moved to Spain from England last August. I have been sensible with limiting the amount of people and where I go etc. I have been feeling a little under the weather since Tuesday. I honestly thrust I was getting a cold due to the air conditioning system. I have had a test today as I lost my sense of smell and taste and it’s positive.

I have the Johnson one jab on the 21st of June this year. I feel like a bus has hit me. My eyes are red I have a very runny nose sore throat horse voice fatigue muscle ache head ache earache face ache. Today my chest started to feel heavy and sore when I take a deep breath in!

I’m on hydroxychloroquine, thyroxine, b12, azathioprine, and a few other as and when I need them!

I’m so scared I’m terrified to be honest. I don’t know what to expect or how I’m going to cope with this for too much longer! Has anyone one else caught covid after having had their jab and how bad was it for you?

I guess I’m looking at some reassurance and what the next steps are.

22 Replies
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Stay strong, I've not had covid but people can get it after 1 0r even 2 vaccines. Hopefully the vaccine will offer you some protection and prevent you from getting really ill. Im just trying to offer you some reassurance. The only advice I have is to take it easy, rest & keep well hydrated, there is a lot to be said for drinking water. Sending you hugs and the strength to fight.

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Anniemack1 in reply to Villagelife

Thank you!

I’m just really scared of what might happen! My brain fog is bad my mind is working overtime. I’m really not helping myself but I can’t stop it either. I appreciate your kind words villagelife. I’m going to have to just ride this out I know absolutely nothing I can do now will change this. I honestly never expected that I would get if. I don’t go out I’m at home 90% of my time. I know that’s a stupid way of thinking but I felt safe.

The one Jane is supposed to give you some protection after 2 weeks! All I can say is I would rather have all the vaccine offered to me than to go through this again. I’m lucky that I even had the jab before I got this virus!

It’s the not knowing what going to happen tonight when I go to sleep! that’s terrifying me the uncertainty. All the horror story’s we have been told about. Sorry my mind obviously is thinking worst case!

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post I’m glad we have this forum as being the only extremely vulnerable person I know is me no one else understands us!

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HiSorry you are feeling so poorly and I totally understand the way you are feeling. The vaccines are showing to be very effective at preventing serious illness. Wishing you a speedy recovery

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Anniemack1 in reply to Josiah150767

Thank you and yes you are right without the vaccine it’s more serious. Thank you for taking time out to reassure me!

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I understand your worry. Anyone would be scared. The good news is you had your vaccine and you aren’t on steroids. I had Covid but early in the pandemic. The big thing to watch for is shortness of breath. From your post it sounds like you mainly feel heaviness but are breathing okay, right? Have you taken your temperature?

Don’t hesitate to go to A & E if you are concerned. That’s what they are there for. Contact your doctor tomorrow to let them know how you are doing.

Check in here whenever you feel the need to. Someone will be up across the globe.


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Anniemack1 in reply to KayHimm

Thank you kayhimm.

Today I’m too tired to feel any anxiety. I have emailed my rheumatologist this morning regarding my symptoms and medication.

I won’t delay in seeking help if needed!

Thank you for your advice and taking the time to reply to my message it means a lot!

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murtoz in reply to Anniemack1

I would strongly recommend you get yourself a pulse oximeter, you know the thing they clip over the end of your finger to measure your blood oxygen. Rapid dropping blood oxygen is one of the symptoms of covid getting worse. It should really be above 98%, if it drops below 95% you should seek immediate help. Since you have covid you should check this frequently - like every hour or so.At least if you have the pulse oximeter you can reassure yourself that you will catch it quickly if your condition deteriorates

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Call your gp. It is unlikely needed due to your vaccine status , which does not prevent one from catching covid as much as it protects us from severe illness and death, but there are treatments available for people at most risk of severe illness. You can see if you might qualify. Rest assured though that fully vaccinated breakthrough cases are most usually more like a cold or maybe mild flu and very unlikely to require any treatments nor cause hospitalization nor death. The vaccine is working and I truly believe you will recover from this in a week or less with no worries. Hope you feel better soon.

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Anniemack1 in reply to Roarah

Thank you for you reassurance and taking the time to reply when I needed it.

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As you are on azathioprine I would contact your doctor or Rheumatologist immediately. They may wish you to stop it for a time. Best to be on contact with them.

Take care and get well soon.

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Anniemack1 in reply to happytulip

I have emailed my rheumatologist this morning. I informed him about all my symptoms and asked if I needed to tweak my medication at all so fingers crossed I hear back from him at some point soon. Thanks for your advice happytulip.

Sometimes you just need to be told what to do even if it is completely obvious!

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Try sleeping on your tummy, it will help getting more oxygen into your lungs.

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Anniemack1 in reply to Tanitani

I have heard about this and have tried it but it hurts! I have never been able to sleep on my front.

I have to admit I do have a heavy chest and chest pain but no difficulty with breathing.

I get shortness of breath but only when moving around not at rest!

Thank you for you comment positiveT

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Hi Anniemack1. So very sorry to hear you have Covid 19 and how it is making you feel.

As someone who is on chemotherapy for myositis and lupus and I am about to commence Azathioprine when that ends I agree with all the supportive comments and Happytulips advice of ringing your Doctor or consultant immediately as you may have to stop the azathriopine.

Keep drinking plenty of fluids and rest. Listen to your body you know best of all. Rest, rest and more rest.

I hope you have a good network of supportive friends and family in Spain? Please let them know you have it and I am sure they will all rally round to help you.

Of course you will be feeling anxious, scared and worried I would be too. I am sending strong positive thoughts to you to feel better soon. If I could give you a hug I would! You've got this warrior.

Please keep us posted if you are able to.

With friendship and concern. 🌻

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Aww sorry to hear this and sending positive vibes! I recently had covid, after two jabs, and it only lasted a week to 10 days and the worst symptoms were over in about 3 days! It was like mild flu for me with a head cold, blocked up, achey lethargic etc I’m also taking azathioprione hydroxy and pred. As long as mine remained mild I was advised not to stop any meds as not to risk a lupus flare. But certainly contact your doctor for advice. I felt short of breathe one day but that was more my anxiety around it than my actual airway being affected so be sure to do some deep breathing n distraction techniques if u feel panicky!

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I had covid last July. I monitored myself at home with a pulse oximeter & kept an eye on my oxygen levels.

It was scary but manageable for me. If you're worried and newly positive maybe you can get monoclonal antibody therapy?

Take care! ❤️

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Anniemack1 in reply to Jujubeee

Hi Jujubeee

Thank you for your good advice.

I will keep it in mind.

I’m extremely tired today and can’t think straight( brain fog) think I will spend most of today asleep!

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You will get through this. I have had Covid and the chest thing is frightening but the rest you will have had much worse with a lupus flare. Try stay upright, drink fluids and take many antihistamine about 4 a day.

If you have had the vaccine it should reduce the impact of the symptoms.

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Anniemack1 in reply to Hamptons

Hamptons thank you as you have been through this I really appreciate your reply.

I have been propped up with pillows.

And yes apart from the loss of smell, taste and runny nose this feels like an extremely bad flare. I had flu a few years ago and it’s the same I’m exhausted.

Im so great full to you all for replying and helping me out when I really need! You all are amazing send you all covid free hugs.

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Feel better soon Annie... Great suggestions given... If for what ever reasons you feel dehydrated or breathing difficulties do not hesitate to seek emergency help...

I know of 2 folks who are critical from covid right now & 1 who had vaccines, but has had a complex & difficult time with Lupus & 1 who did not get vaccinated though under heavy cancer treatment and ignored early symptoms... I say this only as folks here in UK believe the vaccines work & can not worry or don't get the vaccine & don't realise that it can make a difference to managing covid (or a better chance too). Good reminder to me as I head into hospital tomorrow for appt.

I hope you have the support as it miserable to feel as you do...rest & sending healing thought to you....ml

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Sending love and prayers. Your fears are normal. Take deep breaths and drink a lot of water. Sleep. Netflix cures everything I think😂 Best best regards, Titters

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Follow the FLCCC PROTOCOLIt has 100% success rate now even in am ITU setting. Everyone I Know is on the preventative protocol and not one has got sick with covid


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