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A different pic

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Hello everyone

Just thought id post something a little different this week. I think you'll like the cute story!. Hope so!

In a Wiltshire village during lockdown a rescue pony has been hoof-delivering books to residents!. Micky and his owner wanted to help isolated residents and book group members to keep up their reading. He's been such a welcome visitor that he has probably become a regular helper now round the village. Lovely thought.

Some of you may recognise his breed?.

Hope your all as well and safe as possible given these challenging times.

I do just want to thank you all for your good wishes following my foot op. Your all so kind and Im really pleased to tell you its healing very well, much less painful and hopefully tuesday will be my last nurses visit.


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What a lovely story 🥰 and I’m so pleased to hear that you’re healing Helen, that is really good news. I’ve been thinking about how you’re getting on, I will get round to messaging you soon, it’s been a crazy week with so many appointments and chasing things up on top of feeling exhausted after the busy few days last weekend. Thanks for sharing this cute story❤️

Big hugs 🤗 🥰🌸🐴 xxx

Glad you liked it dianne, thank you for your lovely message. Its a big relief about my foot!. Ive been thinking of you too as you had your special delivery last week plus the all important cardiology appt. No rush to reply lovely, i know what you mean about collecting appt's and its all so EXHAUSTING for us!.

TAKE CARE and i hope you can catch your breath soon. Thinking of you. 🐴❤🐴Xx

Thanks Helen, as for the cardiology appointment well it didn’t happen! after waiting six hours I rang the Secretary, she didn’t know why he hadn’t called and said she’d look into it, I haven’t heard anything back. The gynae consultant rang me two hours before my appointment time and caught me off guard the week before and my Rheumy wanted bloods done before I see him face to face on 1st June, he said he’d put them in the post, nothing came so I rang the Secretary, she said she’s put them in the post with the clinic letter that day, well the letter came on Friday but NO blood forms 🤦‍♀️.... honestly I despair😫... I’m too exhausted for all these shenanigans and I know this is a common theme for us! Anyway I’ve had lots of baby cuddles to make up for it and some more later today🥰👩🏼‍🍼 .... more appointments this week... hip injection and eye test, hopefully I’ll catch my breath after my rheumy appointment so if you don’t hear from me before then it’ll definitely be after that! Take care my lovely... thinking of you ... Big hugs🥰🌸❤️Xxx

Ps the migraine podcast was really interesting, it all made complete sense, thank you for that👍x

Oh dianne i can so relate to how you feel. Its exhausting chasing round people in work. Thats awful about cardiology appt, you dont want to be 'lost' either and we can easily be this way. Ive been so fortunate all my tel appt's have happened around the time they should. I hope you sort it out.

Its a bit of a nightmare with my gp as he's phoned me several times hours before due and it can be off putting if we're not ready. It means staying around all day !. I hope it didnt spoil your gynae consult too much. These appt's are important to us specially hospital ones and we dont get a lot of time and chance for another!.

Good luck lovely for your appt's this week, hope hip injection helps better and you get those blood forms. Honestly, its not that hard to put them in tje post and they wonder why we're bothering them so much.

Ive got to phone hospital this week to ensure ive not been 'lost' as i had to change my leg injections appt because of letting foot heal. The pain clinic haven't rung back as promised to tell me when next session is and what they've done. Its usually 6-8 weeks time and they said they'd put me in next session!. Must check!. 🤞 we sort it out but it really is so exhausting dianne.

I hope you've had some wonderful cuddles and mum and baby are doing well. Im thinking of you and sending lots of good luck for all your appt's. Specially Rheumy one ,will be thinking of you so no RUSH TO REPLY. Take care and keep safe. Big hugs lovely 🌺❤🤞🌺❤🤞🌺❤🤞 Xx

Thanks Helen and I hope all goes well on Tuesday with the nurse . Yes you’re right, I don’t think they realise how annoying it is, they wouldn’t like it if I turned up two hours early or late and insist on seeing the consultant🤦‍♀️. Good luck with all your chasing up too, I hope you get some joy with it all! Lots of baby cuddles today too so that helped 🥰

Take care too Helen, be thinking of you on Tuesday.

Big hugs 🤗 ❤️🥰🌸💐xxx

Thank you dianne, ill let you know how i get on and lots of luck for you too. Keep safe and calm lovely. Big hugs. Xx🌺❤🌺🤞❤🌺❤🤞🌺❤

Hello lovely dianne, do hope your managing to get things better sorted and you got those blood forms. Too right we'd never be allowed to turn up in clinic 2 hrs late, we'd have to re-book so many months later but its fine if they do it!. Not fair!. Do hope you get your hip injection ok and it works really well for you.

Just wanted to tell you that foot has healed in record time and so bandages are off and ive got just a strip across wound and a brand new foot today!. The nurse was amazed how well its healed despite the drugs so it just shows we can have good outcomes. Im so thrilled at it.

It felt strange walking and quite painful today. Pain been much better but it will get used to it.

Ive found out from Booked Admissions at hospital that im on waiting list for next pain clinic treatment session but they dont know when it will be yet. Just hope not too long but its all about funding and so could be awhile!. I missed it by a week really!. No wonder pain clinic isnt full time anymore!.

Im thinking of you lovely and keeping 🤞 it all goes well this week and your Rheumy appt does too. Thats so important for you.

Glad your getting lots of cuddles. Big hugs. Xx🌺❤🌺🌈❤🌈🌺❤🌺🌷

Thank you Helen, the forms came today so I’ve been and had them done so hopefully he’ll get the results by next week. I’m so happy that your wound is healing so well that’s great news, it’s always lovely when things go our way, you’re obviously looking after it well, yes I imagine it would be quite tender to walk on, it’s only been two weeks, still early days. Let’s hope you don’t have too long to wait for your pain clinic appointment now, fingers crossed for you🤞.

Take care my sweet... 🥰😘❤️💐💕🌈🌝xx

Thats great news dianne you've had your blood tests in time for your appointment. Do hope it goes really well for you. Will be thinking of you and let me know how you get on.

Thank you lovely for your good wishes. I think the problem ive felt today is because its healed so fast i expect not to have this added pain after walking and its too soon really as you rightly say. Id gone 5 days without added morphine but had to have some tonight. Recovery road isnt easy is it?. Keeping 🤞for us both. Big hugs. Xx🌺❤🌺❤🌺❤🌺❤🌺❤🌺

No it’s not an easy road especially when there’s so many other things to deal with health wise, I hope the morphine has helped but don’t beat yourself up because you’ve needed some tonight, you’ve done so well if you’ve managed 5 days without , it’s probably because you’ve done more today and no dressing now, it might feel like two steps forward one step back but you’re on the right road now🙏. I’ll definitely message you next week after my rheumy appointment. Please take it easy now Helen.

Big healing hugs 🤗 🥰💕💐🥰Xxxx

Dear dianne, thank you so much for your lovely, suppirtive, wise words. Your so right about multiple health problems making it hard for us. The morphine helped a lot and ive had a better day today with not walking too much being home.it was silly what i did yesterday really. Ive taken another dose tonight so 24 hrs is a long time to need it which pleases me. Its funny ive often said on here how recovery road can be a long one and so i should take my own advice. Haha!. 🙂

Ive put a pad under my ball of foot and thats helped. The bandage was definitely a good shock obsorber!.

I do hope you've had your hip injection today and 🤞 for a good outcome. Ill be thinking of you next week for Rheumy appt. Do hope its a good one. Will look forward to hearing from you .Big hugs. Xx🌺❤🤞🌺❤

That’s good Helen, I’m so pleased you had a better day, no we don’t always take our own advice do we ! You’re doing really well even if some days don’t feel like it but slowly does it...the pad underneath sounds like a good idea👍.

I had the dentist today and the GP tomorrow for my hip injection.

I hope you have a good weekend, the better weather helps, today has been lovely here, not too hot and not cold 🌞

Big hugs my lovely 💕 🥰💕😘💐xxx

Thank you dianne for your lovely message. Toe is doing really well, healing is happening from underneath to top mum said. Pain improved too. It was a silly thing to do on tuesday, way too much walking. Now i need the extra morphine for my leg!. Its really complaining now.

I do hope the dentist was ok and your hip injection finds the spot!. I hope too you have lots of cuddles at bank holiday, specially as weather is improving. Its the right temperature for me too dianne!.😀.

Lots of luck for rheumy and ill be thinking of you. 🤞Ive got the dentist next week which will be a pleasure to get my front veneer put back!. No more looking like Fagin!. Ha!.

Sending lots of thoughtwaves and a big hug. Xx🌺❤🌺🥰🌞🌻🌺❤🌺

Oh bless you that’s been a while without your vaneer hasn’t it? I hope that goes well at the dentist, I’ve been told I need a molar filling replacing, costs a fortune! so that’s all booked in for 19th August, yet again another appointment, I’m so tired of them Helen I really am, I’m sure you are too! Hip injection went well thank you, now need to rest it for a couple of days. I really do hope you get that pain clinic appointment soon, would be good to have both your toe and leg pain free at the same time , I always find I get one pain sorted and something else starts hurting, it’s like our pain travels and we’re not allowed to be without it 😩

I hope you have a good bank holiday weekend and can sit and enjoy your garden.

Sending you BIG healing hugs my lovely.. 🤗💕👯‍♀️💖xxx

Hello lovely dianne, i hope your being a good girl and resting your hip!. 🤞tightly crossed for a good result that lasts. I do so agree with you about the pain. I missed my pain appt by a week it was that close specially as toe has healed so well. Its getting me down to be honest as toe doing so well and im still so stuck!. i hope its not too long. Dad was complaining about the number of my appts so that was another consideration!. When we have extras on top of all our usual maintenance ones its just too much!. Im collecting so many like you and im fed up with it too. It is so exhausting. That was a long wait for your tooth re-do!. Gives you saving up time. Aren't our teeth and eyes so expensive?. I don't know how some families afford it or not.

I shall think of you resting as im going to do the same this bank holiday.

HUGE RHEUMY LUCK and take care. Big hugs Xx🌺❤🌺❤🌺❤🌻

What a heartwarming story an beautiful photo to go with it. If only more people could be as caring as Micky and his owner.

Pleased to hear that your foot is healing well. Fingers crossed that Tuesday is your last visit to the nurse. Xx

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Hi ge, thank you for your lovely reply and good wishes. Im so glad you liked the pic and story. Things like this help to restore faith in human nature. Did you get your jab ok and i hope you've felt well adterwards?.

Keep well and safe X🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴

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GloomyEeyore in reply to misty14

Hi misty. I didn’t get my jab as it was the AstraZeneca they were giving. I have been told I should, because of the unexplained bruising, get the Pfizer. My details were taken and my GP was being contacted but as yet I have heard nothing.

Wishing you well Xx

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Oh pity ge, do hope you hear soon about having the pfizer one. Thats awful having to wait and wonder but better to be safe than sorry. Still not figured out the bruising then ge?. Thats gone on a long time now too!.

Thank you for your good wishes and ill keep 🤞you hear very soon. Xx

What a lovely story Misty, I bet the local residents looked forward to seeing Micky arrive with the latest books and to make a fuss of him with a carrot or two! Micky looks like he has some Gypsy Cob in his breeding, a nice reliable type with a good temperament, ideal for doing this kind of job! Glad to hear your foot is on the mend and I always look forward to your “pic posts” - thank you! 🙏🤗😘🤗

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misty14 in reply to Horsewhisper

Thank you horsewhisper for your lovely post and good wishes. Im so pleased you liked it and you look forward to 'cutie pics'. I love doing it and do try to vary the animals and stories.Its lovely to know how much its appreciated!. 🙂

Its wonderful he was the perfect breed for his new role. I didnt do the 'horse phase ' when growing up so have no idea about the different breeds. They're beautiful whichever they are really to me!. Its lovely to think of him still delivering in the village and as you say hopefully getting an added carrot or two. The residents must love seeing him.

I do hope your doing well horsewhisper. Did you ride a lot?. Hopefully not getting too wet at the mo. Keep safeXx🐴❤🐴

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Horsewhisper in reply to misty14

Yes I’m sure Micky enjoys his job delivering books - and gets pleasure from helping the residents, some horses do seem to “know” about the response they receive from us hoomans! I’ve ridden all my life and still keep horses now as the family rides. I manage to get out fairly often, fatigue and pain levels permitting! Funnily enough, when I am with the horses, I feel much better - “saddle therapy” is what I call it! Keep safe and I hope you are keeping well too. 😘

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misty14 in reply to Horsewhisper

Thats wonderful horsewhisper that your still riding despite the lupus difficulties. I have a friend whose a nurse and she has gone back to riding as a great 'therapy' from her stressful job. It also helped her son cope with problems being at the stables and amongst the horses!. I can well imagine they are so sensitive to us 'hoomans' and give you great greetings etc. Just a wonderful escape. Do your kids compete?.

Keep it going for as long as you can horsewhisper, thats very inspiring.

Im recovering still from 2nd jab but really pleased at foot recovery.

Keep well and safe as possible. Xx🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤

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Horsewhisper in reply to misty14

Yes being around horses is a great way to de-stress! Our 4-legged friends are used in equine therapy to help people work through their difficulties/trauma, it’s wonderful the effect they can have. The horses kept me going through last year when times were tough, I am so grateful to them! ❤️ 🐴 ❤️My daughter competed when she was younger but my son preferred to just bomb around the field on his pony (and still does!)

Sorry to hear you are still recovering from your second jab, the after affects have taken so many of us by surprise, I hope you feel better soon and great news about your foot! Take care Misty and looking forward to your next pic post! 👍🤗😘🤗

What a lovely story full of thoughtfulness and caring on the part of Micky and his owner. Thank you Misty for such a positive and uplifting story. I’m so pleased to hear your foot is healing well and I hope your next nurse appt is the last. 🤞 Love and hugs 🤗😘🌼🌹🌸xx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Thank you spotty for such a lovely reply. So glad you liked Mickey and his deliveries. These heartwarming stories are what we could do with more of. They restore our faith in human beings!

There used to be a call for a happy story at the end of each news bulletin but it was dropped.

Thank you for your good wishes for tuesday. I will let you know how i get on.

Enjoy your time away and take care. Xx🐴❤🐴🤞❤🐴❤🤞🐴❤🤞🐴❤🤞🐴❤

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

We could do with a happy story at the end of each news bulletin. What a lovely idea. Too much doom and gloom on the news these days although I have to say our local news does occasionally have similar stories which is a welcome change. I’ll be thinking of you on Tuesday Misty. 🙏🏻🤗😘xx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Thank you spotty, our local news sounds very like yours. Have a lovely day tomorrow and ill be in touch. Xx

Hi Misty im so very pleased that your foot is healing well - what a joyful post regarding Mickey and his owner I would love a book delivered by them not sure Bea & Mira would like it though 😂 hope your nurses appointment goes well on Tuesday xx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Hi svfarmer, so glad you liked the story and thank you for your good wishes for tuesday. Its such a relief its doing so well and ill let you all know how i get on next week.

Id love a book delivered by him. Such a lovely idea to help in lockdown plus he gets his exercise regularly!. 🙂

Maybe bea and mira might get used to him if someone did it in your village?. Do hope your all keeping well and keep safe. Hope your not too fed up with this weather. Xx🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴

Hi Misty what a lovely story. I am delighted that your toe is healing. There will be no stopping you once it’s better. Xxx

Thanks so much cecily. How's your knee?. Hope improving.

Ive got to wait a bit longer for total freedom as ive had to delay my leg nerve injections because of toe healing!. The next session is usually 6-8 weeks time which is tough. I was going on mon and do need the pain relief!. My toe has been an added extra!. It is lovely not feeling it like i did, it was agony!.

Keep safe and well, no more panics!. Xx

My knee is slowly getting there thanks, it bends better and straightens better but I still have problems putting my foot flat and doing steps but I am relieved that it is starting to be less painful xxx

Thats all a really good sign cecily. Long may more improvements come for you. My toe has become less painful this week too. Its all such a relief and im so pleased for us both. Take care. Xx🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴❤🐴

I know Misty it is amazing how resilient we can be if we just lose one of our conditions or the pain eases. I was really rock bottom last week with the leg and the cellulitis, phlebitis and the nosebleeds. Now I just have ulceration around my ankles which is a huge improvement, and the pain from the injury and phlebitis is less and I haven’t had a nosebleed for 48 hours and my facial swelling has gone. Roll on better health for us both lovely. Look after yourself xxx

Oh goodness cecily, i should think you were. You've had to cope with so much. Its true about feeling more resilient if something eases or goes completely. Ive been very worn down with pain and do feel better and lighter now toe has gone. 🤞 for us both that this better time continues for us both for a long time. Been long overdue!. Keep safe lovely. Xx🐴❤

Thank you, you too xxx

Thank you. Xx🤞❤🤞🙏🤞❤🙏🤞

Thank you misty 🤗what a great quintessentially British story!! I'm reading books at the moment..have got my reading head on.. I'd love to have my book delivered by Micky rather than my tablet!! 😹

Hope all continues to go well with your tootsies n that Tuesday is your last nurse appt. 🌈😽😽Xx

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misty14 in reply to Krazykat26

Lovely to read your back to reading krazykat. When im ill i find concentrating hard so don't read as often as id like. Mickey gives a whole new meaning to the Mobile Library and i agree id love to see him regularly!

Thanks for your good wishes for tuesday krazykat. You take care too and keep reading. What sort of books do you like?. Xx🌈🐴🌈❤🌈🐴🌈❤🌈🐴🌈❤🌈🐴

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baba in reply to misty14

Have you tried listening to audio books? You can download from public library and elsewhere.

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misty14 in reply to baba

Thanks baba, no i havent given them a thought but i do like podcasts so will give it a go. Keep well as possible. Xx

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Krazykat26 in reply to misty14

You're welcome 🤗I'm the same with losing concentration easily when symptoms r bad. I did however lose myself in George R R Martin's Game of Thrones series when I was bed bound few years ago..it definitely helped me to escape!! 🤓

Then I couldn't concentrate during the menopause for some reason. Although I did listen to a conversation with Kathy Burke fairly recently n she said the same thing..during menopause she couldn't read but afterwards she's happy to say she's reading again!!

The other reason that I'm reading is coz my ears r blocked..or I've got hearing disturbance n I can't concentrate on any programmes coz I lose track..especially if they're whispering!! 😹

At the moment I'm reading about heroic survivors from the Holocaust..so am spending loads of time in Auschwitz with the resistance 🤓🌈😽😽xx

Delighted to learn you had your foot surgery at very long last and that it’s healing well. Lovely story about the book pony! X

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misty14 in reply to 282523

Thank you very much 282523, thats very kind of you. Im very relieved at the outcome. Glad you liked the book pony. Hope you are as well as possible. Xx


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