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For Stiff, Spotty, KrazyKat DJK99 and all the Creative Crafties


I’ve given it a go! With encouragement and top tips from you lovely ladies as to what pens and varnish to use, I painted a pebble! My arty-crafty daughter painted 4 in the time it took me to paint just 1! Mine is the Angel Fish and I took inspiration from the little triangle shaped chip in the stone to make this the mouth! The one on the left is a Ray but my photo doesn’t do it justice. I’m going to do some more pebble painting as a lockdown activity and to try and create some new neural pathways as I could do with a few more of these in the creative department! Watch this space! 😄

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Gosh, aren't they just great! They did make me smile, such a simple idea but so effective. Simply lovely and well done to you. xx

Horsewhisper in reply to RosieA

Thanks Rosie! Yes quite a few peeps on here paint stones and I thought I would try it! Xx

Wow! Well done you missus! I'm very impressed. I really should do something too.. but I got rid of all my paints when I downsized, and feeling like all I could to do feed and wash myself! Hmmm will think on it. Fabulous HW, keep at it... uplifting stuff! xx

Horsewhisper in reply to DJK99

Thanks D! I settled down to paint them with my daughter who kept teasing me about the look of deep concentration on my face! 😂 I had to Google a pic of an Angel Fish, she painted hers from her imagination! I really like her sea turtle and the way she used the slopes in the stone to follow the curves in the shell. I used acrylic pens from Amazon, it was a nice, distracting thing to do and a different way to pass the time! Give it a go! 🤗😘🤗

Wonderful! I love your angel fish. I also love Amazon where you can find anything.

Healing hugs.

Thanks Pumpkin! Yes Amazon is fab for stuff - especially at the moment when we can’t get out to the shops! We’ll try some land-based creatures next! Xx

Oh they are just lovely. Well done you xxx

Thanks CP! 👍🤗😘🤗

These are fabulous HW. 😍 You and your daughter have done an amazing job. 👏🏻👏🏻 I still haven’t even tried my pens - shame on me. What an inspiration yours are and I love the fact the mouths of your fish and your daughter’s ray use the natural contours of the pebbles. 👍🏻 Brilliant! These have literally brightened my day. 🥰 Thanks for posting and I look forward to seeing more. 🤗😘x

Great stuff! Glad to hear the painted pebbles have brightened your day! I’m looking forward to doing some more, it was fun and relaxing at the same time. Thanks for your support Spotty, always so much appreciated! 😘🤗😘


Wow these are lovely well done 👏 to you and your daughter- I particularly like the turtle 🐢 xx

Yes I thought the turtle was super - thank you SV! 🥰

They're beautiful horsewhisper. Proof that we should always give things a go. Looking forward to seeing more creations. Xx

Horsewhisper in reply to misty14

Indeed Misty - the last time I did anything “arty” was at school nearly 40 years ago! I’m glad I had a go! Xx

These r fab HW 🤗🙌 well done!! I have to say my favourite is the super cute dolphin..but they're all wonderful 😁🌈😽😽xx

So kind KK and thank you! I just need to get a wire brush to clean up my horse shoes and give those a go next! Who knows where this may lead?! 😄😘🤗🤗

Wow! They are brilliant. You and your daughter are very artistic between you. Fantastic how simple materials and imagination can produce such great results.

Horsewhisper in reply to Meg52

🙏😃thanks Meg! Yes it’s great how a bit of time and application can take you somewhere unexpected! Looking forward to doing some more - just need to sneak out to the nearby reservoir under the disguise of a “walk” and collect a few more pebbles! 😂😘

Meg52 in reply to Horsewhisper

A neighbour of mine has done painted pebbles around a plant in her garden and it makes it look really special. Carry on going for “walks” 🤣

Horsewhisper in reply to Meg52

That’s a good idea to use the pebbles as garden decorations - I’ll give that a go. I’ll see if I can find a gnome shaped pebble on my next “walk”! 😂

Really nice. My daughter came home from school one day with 2 painted pebbles. Their teacher provided the pebbles and the children painted them. One had a rainbow on it, the other a ladybird. She's 45 now but I've always kept them 🥰 the colours have never really faded xxx

Horsewhisper in reply to chrisj

How lovely that you still have them and a special keepsake too. My daughter is 18 and I have kept much of her artwork, cute things like her drawings on a paper table cloth from a holiday, things like that. Xxx

Oh wow hw , they’re fantastic 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻👍😍 yes great shape for angel fish 🐠 and you enjoy it enough to do more thats fab too 👍 looking forward to more 🙏🤗🤗😘x

Horsewhisper in reply to stiff19

Thanks Stiff! You gave me the inspiration and it was great to try something I had never done before. Let’s see where this creative pathway leads! ✍🏻 🎨 I’ll post some more for sure! Hope you are feeling ok? Sending hugs 🤗😘🤗

Hi he, I’m pleased you tried with great results and undoubtedly people will be inspired by your works now 👍 be great to see more , look forward to it . I thought of you looking at some food art , you’re very creative and the food art looks fun and best of all it’s edible 🤣 and the kids would love it too. I was just about to post what I’ve been doing. I have some felting to get done next but I’m also going to try egg carving next , just waiting for some bigger eggs, local farmer said goose eggs will begin next month , though Tsuki has recently laid what could be a goose egg 🤣Getting there Thankyou 🙏how are you?

I missed a call yesterday from hospital which you can’t return call ( i was in the bathroom) of all the timing and didn’t get to in time 😡 hopefully they will ring again 🤷‍♀️

Your post cheered me 🙏 happy painting 🧑‍🎨 🤗🤗 back at ya 😘🤗

Horsewhisper in reply to stiff19

Thanks for your kind words Stiff - I’ve spotted a few animal features and shapes within the pebbles and have painted some more! Will post again shortly. Food art sounds fun, probably a bit more than making a smiley face from some cherry tomatoes and a handful of peas!😂 I’ll look up some ideas and give that a go too! Sorry to hear you missed your call from the hospital, it’s always the way isn’t it?! Hopefully they’ll ring back soon enough 🤞and some progress will be made. Just seen your crafty post, such great ideas - and as you say, therapy. Nothing like whiling away the time keeping busy with the hands, a good distraction from worrisome thoughts, and something to show for it at the end, well that’s how it works for me! 🤗😘🤗

stiff19 in reply to Horsewhisper

Great can’t wait to see, I get so much from seeing others artwork too 👍🙌🏻 Yes it does work that way and doesn’t time fly when you’re doing these things. I love to see things come to life especially when recycling stuff, so yes it’s great to have something at the end 👌👍As you know I love bees 🐝 and sadly last year I found a few dead ones in the garden, that’s when I thought of resin and preserving one with some amber or honeycomb. It’s obviously not as simple as that I’ve learned and the bee will have to be preserved first then I can resin it but that is my plan for summer if I find an expired one this year 🥲🥲 🐝

Yes hopefully hospital will ring back, didn’t today but 🤷‍♀️

Yes some of the food art is simple but so effective. What’s wrong with the smiley faces 🤣🤣 used to make my daughter smile when she was younger and she got used to eating cold spaghetti after we’d finished playing with it 🤣

Take care and keep distracted from woes 🙏🙏🤗😘xx

WOWWW!!! Love love love these. Fantastic job you two.

EJ 👏👏👏♥️♥️♥️


Thanks so much EJ! 🙏♥️😘🤗😘

Sooo very welcome sweetie.EJ 🥰♥️😍

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