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Continuous colds



I'm waiting to see a rheumatologist and have been reading up on lupus. I suffer with constant and what seems like continuous colds, could this have anything to do with lupus. Before bloods showed lupus markers I had visited the gp and they put me on some nasal spray. I used it religiously for about 3 months and it has made no difference. Gp said there was nothing more they could give me. Is there a thing with lupus, constant sinus and cold issues? Many thanks guys.

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Hi Dartsnerd, I most definitely have the same thing as you. In winter my nose is constantly running when I'm out. Not so bad when I'm in though. This lasts all the way through till summer. And now, I think I have also begun suffering with hay fever. Never had it before, but this year I've been plagued with a runny nose and headaches.

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Yes, that's me, I also occasionally get bouts of sneezing, could sneeze up to 7/8/9 times with out a break, summer and winter. Have you ever been told it's related to lupus??

Thank you for responding

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No. I've mentioned it but they've never really included it in my list of lupus related stuff.

It's not something I've ever heard of or experienced with regards to lupus. It doesn't normally affect the air ways specifically. Obviously those on immunosuppressants can get viruses etc quite badly, but I've always had the opposite problem. My system is so suppressed that I often don't get many symptoms although I've been extremely unwell, and then found out in the later stages of an infection that I've probably had for weeks.

Is it like a head cold, with inflammed glands and a stuffy feeling? More like a sinusitis which is painful to touch? Or just a constant running nose and sneezing? I'm wondering if you have allergies of some sort, or even tiny growths on your sinuses.

I'm very aware that you are likely to have been shielding or at least strictly social distancing for the past three months so there are very limited places you could have gotten a cold from. To catch one repeatedly would normally mean repeated exposure to people with one. When my brother in law first became a doctor, my sister had repeated colds and chest infections for almost 6 months which seemed constant, because of everything he bought home. She's well usually and doesn't have lupus.

Just my thoughts.

As a child I had glue ear and was involved with ent departments. Over the years I have had a perforated ear repaired 3 times. Guessing it's all connected. I have been on a reduced rota at school only having to attend one morning a week while waiting for confirmation of diagnoses of SLE and waiting to connect with rheumatologist. Hoping to get some answers soon but driving me bonkers. Lol.

Thanks for your response.

Yup, same here.

All my life I've had a runny nose. Every pocket I have is stuffed full of tissues all year round. It is worse in the winter but it's still runny in the summer. I, too, was given a nasal spray a few years ago (I wasn't diagnosed with lupus until March this year) which made absolutely no difference whatsoever.

Seems a bit of a coincidence for it not to be lupus related. There are so many things that I've had for years, or all my life, which I'm now thinking are related having seen them referred to by others, even though my lupus wasn't triggered then.

Sounds like we gave similar experiences. Hopefully I can connect to the rheumatologist soon and start asking questions.

Thanks for your reply.

I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis a couple of years ago after a bad bout of pneumonia. The respiratory consultant was great that I saw and referred me to ENT. There has been articles which suggest there could be a link with auto immune conditions and allergic rhinitis/allergies but not any clear answers so really not sure. Hope you get it sorted though. x

Gives me hope. One of the nurses I saw at the gp's mentioned rhinitis but the doctor dismissed it. Hopefully rheumatologist can help. Many thanks for your reply.

I have bouts of a runny nose, congestion in the nose and chest and unable to smell. I’ve had it for at least 4years. I’ve had various tests with ent, conclusion was deviated nose?! Chronic rhinitis with unknown cause all related to having lupus and sjogrens. I use a steroid nasal spray and when it gets to bad I do a nose wash, which is quite disgusting but effective. Only one of the joys of these diseases 😁

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Yeah they gave me the nose washes for a while but didn't do much. My sense of smell has detoriated luckily I dont get chest issues. Fingers crossed i get to ask some questions soon. Speaking to haematologist friday for 2nd set of blood results to confirm SLE. I might ask him if he can nudge the rhematologist for me. Thanks for your reply.

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