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Copies of hospital letters?

I signed up to get copies of letters, and I do get a copy of the letter from my consultant to my Gp, but not copies of blood tests and other tests they do on me.

Does anyone know why this is?

I just rang the secretary to ask for a copy of my breathing test results, and was told I can't have them. When I had the test done, she told me my lung function was down, probably from lung scarring. They wanted to re do the test as I was tired that day! I always am. The letter to my Gp just says, some parameters were low and I was tired so they would arrange for me to have another test when I came back into clinic. I had the test in Sept and was due to see the consultant in March but they have no staff so I am on a wait list.

I have sent off for PIP forms and was trying to gather evidence .

I am 44, never smoked , abit over weight, 12 St, and I can not climb a flight of stairs without being out of breath! So something is wrong.

Any ideas

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Hi Gymbabe. I too get copies of all Consultant letters but never blood tests. My GP can access the hospital tests on her computer but I have to know what I am asking for as she doesn't understand many of the results. I have 6 monthly Lung Function tests - locally and also at the big teaching hospital I also attend. I always receive a summary of results (ie better or worse) with figures from my local hosp whilst the big one sends pages of graphs etc plus numbers. In truth, the numbers are meaningless even to my GP and need to be interpreted by a specialist/consultant. You need to know if they continue to decline, what is the cause for this and what can be done to improve/stabilise them. My results are always down - quite severely in certain tests yet they seem stable. That's the best I will achieve for now. Hope this helps. Clare


You can write a letter to the consultant and ask for copies - you're entitled under the Data Protection Act to them and to any information relating to you that the hospital holds. Just make sure you mention that you are requesting them under the act, that will make your letter a 'subject access request' which enable them to release the information.


I ask my GP and he says if they are all right or what is not all right. In the UK, I think you have to pay for copies of records unless making a complaint.



I get copies of everything from letters to blood tests. I asked the hospital to "system" share them with my gp. They all use a computer system called system one and it is nationwide (used to work for the NHS) and even if they are not on system one the gps can access the other system known as ICE. You have the right to access your information - i know that if you want to view all of your records there is a fee. But if you are not having any luck write a short letter to the practice manager - i know other people who have and just them them that u need to know this information. You know yourself if you are feeling well or not and sometimes looking at results explains why you may be feeling rough. I know mine do lol. This info is about u hun and you do have the right to see it. Wish u all the best .

Lupie hugs

Esky x


Well I have today sent off a req, via my Rheumie, to get copies if my breathing test results. Will let u know what happens, was thinking I would wait a month if not heard anything? Then send a reminder


see if doctor let use emla cream help with needle go in


I asked at reception who referred me to the assistant manager for a copy of my GP records as I needed letters for my PIP application and a few days later a large, thick, envelope with a printout of all of it was waiting for me with a note to pay £10! Not bad for all that printing. All the letters, blood and test results were there.


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