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Lupus & Coronavirus (COVID-19) - UPDATED 13/03/2020


Hi everyone,

As promised, we are carefully monitoring the situation as it develops and working with expert lupus clinicians to keep out information and guidance updated regularly.

We have just published updates to our article which you can read at

If you have any questions which have not yet been answered, please let us know in the comments below and we will do our best to be of assistance.

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Thanks Paul. I'm actually in hospital at the moment in a ward with 2 suspected cases and the staff have openly admitted that theyre getting no guidance from managers. One staff member said its "chaos".

Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to CarolMcl

The NHS are going to be under a lot of pressure during this unprecedented epidemic. I hope that they are getting good guidance from management soon.

Kevin53 in reply to CarolMcl

I’m currently visiting Dad in Wrexham Hospital. The staff are impressive and prepared. Best wishes Kevin

CarolMcl in reply to Kevin53

That's great to hear, wish your dad all the best Kevin

Nadwana in reply to Kevin53

I am sorry to hear thay Kevin. I hope you get well soon. We live in fear these days but we have to trusy God to protect us.

Our thanks to Dr Wincup, Paul and the Romford team.

Thanks for this.

Thanks Paul and LUK! :)

Boris' directive yesterday was:

People with symptoms are no longer required to call NHS 111, as the system is under strain, but are instead urged to look for information on the NHS website and 111 online.

(from the BBC website)..

...then someone (perhaps the Chief Medical Officer) mumbled something about only seeking health care if you feel really bad......?? (sorry, I'm in an ear flare atm, didn't catch it all )

Public England gave this useful tip

◾Those with confirmed or suspected cases should use a separate bathroom

(yes, we all live in mansions :-/)

For a government decision based science, the word 'seems' popped out a lot xxx

Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to eekt

Hi eekt,

I would still advise people with underlying health conditions to use the NHS 111 system because unlike the healthy population, they may need to make additional changes (such as temporarily stopping some medications) to help them fight the virus more effectively.

No-one has all the answers for this so all the guidance is a judgement based on the best evidence available at this time.

eekt in reply to Paul_Howard

Everyone's ignoring Boris' advice: the media (including the BBC), the NHS etc all still have *contact 111* on their websites... :) xxx

Thank you Paul for the updated information. No matter where we are, there we are, in this world together. All of us. Plans in place to the best of Governments abilities, set there for the greater good, of us all. The countries, the world and everyone is trying their best. What we can do is this,Keep communicating, letting everyone here in this great "Germ Free" zone know we care for one another, and we are all listening. my blessings going out to you all... thestormy sunshine:)

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