Painful knees again!

I have been having pain in my knees recently (when I was 1st diagnosed 2 years ago they were very bad & I had a steroid injection in them) They hurt alot when I touch them or forget and put weight on them more than when I walk. It comes and goes but is mostly in my right knee with swelling below my kneecap like it was when they were bad 2 years ago. Anyone else found this? I'm not sure whether to put them up and rest when they hurt or keep moving.

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Today my knees hurt so bad I couldnt drive,had to lay down almost all day .I was diagnosed bout 4 yrs ago ,but now I also suffer ph pulmonary hypertention,and underactive thyroid.I used to have steroid injection in my scalp due to hairloss.I would rest them ,I have no choice not too like today x


Its hard to know whether the pain is the inflammation of the knees and the Lupus arthritis or whether it's due to something else, but then the type of pain varies. I have had lupus arthritis all over but recently I got a different pain in one knee which I have discovered in osteoarthritis. The treatment for it is for me to exercise to keep up the quads and gluts muscle strength.

When you feel very lupusy all over then its better to rest very inflamed joints, I think.


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