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Amitriptyline and heart plus lupus


Hi wonder if any one can help me

Have been dionosed with lupus but also have heart issue wear frist heart beat further away from second . I have mussle and joint pain and was proscribed pregabalin and amityriptyline now friend of mine panicking me about the amityripyline saying it could cause me heart attack considering what’s going on with my heart can any one help or advise

Thank you

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Hello Marie2000

It's important to note that the conventional use of amitriptyline is as an antidepressant and the dose levels for this use start at 50mg a day. At this dose and above, there are noted side-effects on the heart.

According to drug checkers on the internet, there is also some interaction between pregabalin and amitriptyline in that you might get slightly more dizzy or drowsy when taking both together.

However, these days, amitriptyline is probably more commonly used to combat some kinds of pain, and then the doses are much lower. I am currently taking 10mg daily. Obviously at lower doses, risks of side effects and interactions tend to be lower too.

My suggestion would be not to panic, but to speak with your GP to make sure you are happy that the level of amitriptyline you've been prescribed is not likely to cause you problems x

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Thank you

I have had to stop amitriptyline as it is effecting my afib and that’s 10 mg so be carful

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