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lupus and heart failure. left side of heart affected

finally after two years of tests I have been diagnosed with a heart problem affecting the left side of my heart. its now only 35% working. been walking very slow and out of breath but just thought I was generally out of condition and unfit. can barely walk up the stairs. walking to the shop takes an age. been put on ramipril 1.25 mg and dose will be upped accordingly.

it looks as if the damage ( enlarged heart) is more than likely lupus damage and has deterioted significantly in the last two years. anyone know anything about what I am experiencing?

thanks for your input

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I have left ventricular insufficiency and left branch block. I'm not on any meds for it, but lately I have been getting breathless, sometimes just by talking. I hope you manage to get things under control as best you can x

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and you too behappy1 lovely name. did your dr say it was lupus related or no and why no meds to be so short of breath


Hi tintin, I have high pressure in one of my valves and its def caused by lupus. Im breathless as well but my lungs are also affected so its probably a combination of both. I know its so scary when they find something wrong with your vital organs I just dont ask too many questions! They keep a close eye on mine as consultant says its borderline abnormal at the mo. I hope they are watching you closely and you get all the meds you need. Just remember there is good meds for this horrible disease, i worry too and have my down days sometimes i feel my whole body is being ravaged by this, sorry i cant say i know exactly your symptoms but i hope my experience gives you some assurance. stay positive and keep strong, x.

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My husband has blood pressure and diabetes and and a left ventricular hyd (can't remember the word) due to his bp and diabetes. He was diagnosed by GP who did ECG and an Echo cardiogram. He has no symptoms and the treatment is to keep his bp down. I was frightened when he told me and looked it up straight away, saw all the worst case effects, but after talking with him and the diabetic nurse, felt better. I still worry, and can understand why it would frighten you.


Hi tintin49.

I have been breathless very tired and fatigued since August last year. I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I came home and rested and waited for my energy levels to pick up, but it didn't happen. I went to see my consultant respiratory doctor who decided on doing another ct scan, this showed a blood clot on the lung. That was in Dec 13.

I am now on Warfarin for life and I still have the symptoms. I was supposed to have a echocardiogram of the heart back in the last summer but, that never materialised. I went to my GP and explained all this, I suggested that I should have this test and he agreed. He thought that I might have heart failure as the symptoms are there but, I do not have any swelling of the ankles. I do seem to get fuller thighs and a swollen stomach as the day goes on, not sure if this is a symptom. Anyway, I have got my scan through for tomorrow and hopefully will get to the bottom of this. I am keeping positive, I hope you are to.

Best wishes.



its not been easy getting a diagnosis. I was lucky that my local hospital kindly said that they did not have the facilities to check my heart. the machines they had were not able to see what was wrong. so sent me to a specialist near Harley street. this team deals with heart problems that are genetic and otherwise. I had some horrible scans to put my heart under pressure and many different first they knew there was damage ( scarring) but could not locate it and what caused it. heres hoping the meds will work to strengthen my heart muscle.


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