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I’m biased, I think Health Unlocked is superb!!


This site provides a very informative and supportive forum for Lupus patients and their families and it’s totally free.

Many users are also members of Lupus UK. It costs £10 for individuals and you will receive our excellent News and Views three times per annum.

I live in North Wales and if your boat is sinking off Llandudno the RNLI will not ask to see a membership card when they rescue you.

Likewise Lupus UK is there to support anyone in the UK or elsewhere with with the treatment and diagnosis of autoimmune conditions.

We can’t help everyone, yet everyone can help someone.

Best wishes for Christmas and 2019


Chair of Trustees Lupus UK

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Here , here ! Where woold I be and many others without it .

Long may it be 🙂


In terms of value for money, membership of LUK is a complete bargain and this HU community is the best 😊

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