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Visit to Incontinence Clinic


This went well. I have tried two medications to control the urge incontinence but they increase my dry mouth to the extent of not being able to speak for long. There is one final med to try before a visit to urology. I showed the nurse my urine test from rheumy which showed high protein and creatinine but added “only to be expected”. There do seem to be signs my kidneys are playing up.

Here comes the good bit. After a couple of years of shelling out for extra strength Tena pads from Amazon, I shall now get the free NHS version ( seem the same) delivered to the door every three months.

The moral is, invest in granny panties and never let embarrassment put you off doing something about it.

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WOW!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! HURRAH!!!! Am Right On To This!!!! THANKS LK

👏👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟🌟💐💐💐💐🍀😘🍀😘 Coco

Lupiknits in reply to Barnclown

They hold 400mls before you need to change everything. You may walk bow legged with that amount, but there are far, far, worse things xxx 😱like losing the varnish off the wooden loo seat from the drips when I don’t get there just in time!

BTW the nurse did a mini scan, and said she was going to ask my GP why I was skin and bone.

Barnclown in reply to Lupiknits

🤗 i ❤️ U LK 🤩🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Like it!!!!!!!

" high protein and creatinine"

Why expected?

Have they done a 24 hour "protein creatinine ratio"

Have you had a renal biopsy to exclude Lupus Nephritis?

Lupiknits in reply to baba

None of those. My assumption is that my potassium has been dangerously low over the summer ( enough for a GP to tell me to go to A&E several times) . I’ll have to check with my GP. We spent our allotted time at the last visit discussing why my Haemoglobin and red blood cells have taken a huge dive. Yes, that indicates anaemia, but they want to know why I’m suddenly anaemic. More blood tests to follow.

👏👏👏👏👏😃😃😃 Finally good news about the Tena pads. Trust after all other test your kidneys fall in line soon as well 😃

Lupiknits in reply to denden

Thank you 🌈

Thank you for sharing . I have really bad problems in this department, I’m only 37! It gets worse when other symptoms are present , then returns to normal! Such a hard part to deal with 😔x

Just thought I'd mention something that was just discussed on another forum: did you know there are TENS machines for bladder incontinence? According to the webmd site they work well for about 2/3 of cases (who knows). You start with a portable one to see if it is worth it and can have implanted ones as well.

Lupiknits in reply to PMRpro

I have heard of these, particularly for pelvic floor strengthening after childbirth. Am I correct there? The nurse checked me for this, but after a 9 1/2 lb baby with a big head I tackled my pelvic floor straight away and still sometimes do the exercises without thinking about it. I don’t have the coy “whoops” moments they have in the ads. The problem I have is with urge rather than stress. ( Gentlemen may wish to look away now) sometimes I simply stand up and urine comes out like the very heavy periods I had when I was perimenopausal..

PMRpro in reply to Lupiknits

According to the stuff I read they do help with urge too. I wondered if in combo with Tena they'd help reduce the problems when out and about - which I assume is the worst thing and very limiting.

Lupiknits in reply to PMRpro

I now have the TENS type machine by the NHS. I call it the taser after strictly being warned never to put my fingers on the ends of the leads while it’s switched on! They force the nurses to do that in training, making them extra sure to remind patients. Always be nice to your nurse chaps 🤣

PMRpro in reply to Lupiknits

Does it work?

Lupiknits in reply to PMRpro

Tiny improvement. Still a long way to go until biofeedback.

The gastro people haven’t contacted me but I suspect biofeedback from them, too.

Meanwhile ⭐️ Nurse is confident the taser will help both. Will take time and patience, but I think we’re all experienced in that.

Thanks. Well worth checking out.

I was wondering if incontinence was a symptom of lupus as mine fluctuates a lot, I've got an appointment with bladder and bowel clinic in January

Good idea

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