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Midfoot arthritis


Some of you may remember that I have been experimenting severe pain in my feet which has got worse over the last few years.

I've just had some more ultrasounds done and the report is not good. I have significant changes in both feet in the tasal and metatarsal joints.

I saw my Rheumatologist yesterday who says it is not clear if the problem is osteoarthritis causing secondary inflammation or inflammatory arthritis, he also said that my joint problems are now looking closer to rheumatoid than lupus now, although I don't have rheumatoid. He said that sometime the disease modifying medication can't make autoimmune diseases veer off in different directions.

He has referred me for Mri scans and said he may suggest steroid injections under ultrasound, more as a diagnostic tool than longterm management. He also talked about having the bones fused, but said that it is a difficult operation with a long recovery time.

I've been banging on about my feet for years now, to various Rheumatologists, so it's good that he is now dealing with the problem but as my feet are effecting practically every thing I do I'm looking for action.

As I have one replaced knee and one reconstructed knee and I'm now walking mostly on my heels due to foot pain, I'm worried that my new gait will damage my knees, it definitely causing pain in them and I am steadfastly ignoring the pain in my left hip!

Does anyone have any advice re midfoot pain?

Or failing that know any good jokes? 😀 Feeling a bit fed up today.

I hope you are all as well as possible and pain free.

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Bit Spike Milligan isn't it - I TOLD you I was ill! At least they now can't roll their eyes and tell you it is all in your mind...

But, ouch. Foot pain is horrible - I had it in the early stages of PMR and there was nothing I could do where they didn't hurt when I stood up. I did find they hurt less when I wore my hill walking shoes - really firm leather lace-ups. Not ideal in the house and REALLY didn't go with a pretty dress but to reduce pain anything went. In my case it reduced over a period of months after I started pred.

creaky in reply to PMRpro

Hi PMRpro, yes I do chuckle when male doctors advise sticking to comfortable shoes, much easier if you are a man.

I look in my wardrobe and think, now which shoes can I bare to put on today? Then choose my clothes!

The next person who suggests that an orthotic might, might end up swollowing one! 😀

Can’t give you any advice really, have you tried ice packs or hot wheat bags that you put in the microwave.

As for the joke bit thought this might make you laugh- when I was in hospital a few years ago for 8 weeks there were a few funny things that happened at night on my ward. One night the nurses were running around cos someone had escaped through the doors near my bed to the communal quadrangle outside. The people in my ward were asked if we’d seen someone going out, some patients used to sneak out for a cigarette. We asked what she looked like apparently this lady was on a different ward and only had one leg, she escaped but had left her leg behind.

It was very funny and they found her eventually in the car park, she was legless😀


Hi creaky,

We have an article on our website about managing foot problems in lupus which may be of interest - lupusuk.org.uk/caring-for-y...

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