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I have forgotten what its like to be normal to do everything i used to like the floor been taken beneath me struggling every day what a terrifying & scarry journey it is lost my Dad nearly 4yrs ago 15.12.14 😥😥😥will never forget that day time has gone by but nothing fills the void of a loved 1 loved & missed dearly my hero i don’t know if im making any sense right now so tired & shattred but cant sleep been in bee since 9pm 😭😭😭sugar levels machine reading High aw well luv & hugs to 😘😘😘tkc xxx

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So sorry you're not doing well and the loss of your Father. I have good days and bad too. I think it comes with the illness, you lose so much of yourself and it takes time to grieve what you have lost. I used to be very social and I had to quit my job and I'm home all the time. I walk every day but I can see my muscles are wasting away, it is so sad. I miss my old life. Have been ill quite awhile but diagnosed in February 2016 with fibro/PMR and possible Sjogren. I'm not the same person I was but I'm determined not to let this take me down!!! We can and have to handle this Naz2005, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are still here, maybe not the way we used to be but we have gained quite a lot during this battle. Compassion, patience and understanding others pain. And we have gained all of these dear friends on this blog. I don't know what is do without them. Soft hugs to you and I hope you feel better and get some sleep.

Naz2005 in reply to pmrkitty

Thank you for sharing with us all the best xxx

This was very emotional to read 😢. Not only your health but you can hear that loosing your dad has impacted you deeply . It maybe worth you seeking someone to talk too. Give you the time to process your thoughts and hopefully in time turn your negative in some form of a positive. I know stress can really make symptoms feel much worse , and if your mind is not in a positive place your body won’t be either . If you really need to talk please reach out to me, I found talking through things made me stronger. I do still get my bad days but I think that’s my body telling me to take time out xx

Naz2005 in reply to Lisalou19

Thank you soooo much grief has no time & everyday has been a struggle the loss of my Dad still feel so raw its coming up to four years since his soul departed he was my everything my rock my life i know i have my husband & kids my Dad just amazing my hero never let us down he struggled loved & missed dearly

Lisalou19 in reply to Naz2005

The first part of moving forward is acceptance of loosing your dad, that can be the hardest challenge in itself and sometimes impossible to do this on your own.

I can’t say I’ve experienced loosing my dad, but I really relate to what your dad meant to you, I have the same feelings towards my dad being my hero and everything else.

Have you tried any form of counselling? Some people don’t like the word counselling, it can scream issues to many but it really is a rewarding experience and can help you to understand your own thoughts and feelings in a way you can not do by yourself .

Whilst you have your family around you which is important, their help and being there is limited based on how you are feeling . As you say grief has no time, and you saying that yourself is important to you, there is no rush for a miracle cure


Naz2005 in reply to Lisalou19

so true but hard 😥😥😥

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