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Sudden hair loss

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I’m at the hairdressers who’ve said I’m losing large amounts of hair when she’s washing it. Now I know that I’m not in a great place health wise and the consultant here is sending me to London To see Prof de Cruz in 2 weeks, but I’m really worried. Could I take a hair and nails vitamin to try and help this or am I waisting my time? Thanks for your help xx

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You could try - but it probably would be a waste of money. Poor health is very often reflected in our hair and it responds by falling out - and that is most obvious when it is being washed which is quite a stress on the roots. Are you already on medication? Because some of them are associated with hair loss.

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Thanks PMRpro. I’m on no treatment at the minute because of blood levels x

Unfortunately no amount of vitamins, supplements, etc. will regrow or strengthen hair loss due to autoimmune diseases. The medications they use to control the disease, however, will stop/slow the loss and in mild cases may even give your body a chance to regrow healthy hair. Just got back from a Lupus Dermatology conference and hair loss was a big topic. Hope this helps!

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Thank you katidid! Really helpful x

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I’m in the same boat. My hairdresser was the first to confirm that I’m losing hair in the textbook areas for SLE. So, we got creative. Changed my part and she showed me some styling techniques to work around those areas. Super helpful and low cost solution!!

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Fab ideas. Luckily I’ve got a fringe to hell disguise it. It’s more the emotional attachment that most women have to their hair which is difficult to cope with x

Hi Lorska1! 1 My rheumatologist prescribed me 1000 mg of Folic Acid. My nails grow so fast! I did not think it was helping my hair, so I quit taking it. After 3 weeks, I had noticeable hair loss. It will not suddenly pouf out your hair, but it seemed to help me with new growth( I had short new little white hairs coming in. (I'm 42) It certainly wouldn't hurt to try. I had no negative side effects

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Thanks tamib0713! I see my rheumy soon, so I’ll ask then x

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Thank you tambid0713 I am not taking any medication but will certainly try Folic Acid for my hair loss which is mostly bald patches. Regards

Good luck to all lupies suffering from hair loss, as there’s been some good advice given to me here. Hope it helps us all x

Hi Lorska,

How frightening is this! I was in the same position as you end of last year - I lost more than half my hair 😟 I started on Leuflumamide 20mg I think it was a side effect from this, are you taking any new medications? I did some research and started taking Biotin and Folic acid daily. The difference they have made is 👍🏻 Takes up to around 6 months to notice a difference, and the new growth will take time, but you’ll get there 😊 Good luck and try not to worry 2 much as stress won’t help! This comes with big hugs 😘😘

Hi jopo280886,

The only new med I’m on is prednisilone until I get to London. Not sure if hair loss is a side effect. Too frightened to read the leaflet tbh. Sounds like folic acid is good to try, but I’ll also be mentioning the other suggestions to the Rheumy on 29/10. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful message. Really hope your hair loss has improved loads xx

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Hi Lorska1,

We have an article about hair loss in lupus on our website which has lots of information and advice you may find helpful -

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Thanks Paul x

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