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Hair loss

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I know hair loss is one of the symptoms for lupus, But i only seem to lose quite a lot of hair to me when washing my hair & brushing.. I know that's normal, but when i lose my hair it seems to be quite a lot more then 'normal' every time i put my hands through my hair when washing i have hair all over both hands..

Not sure if this is just normal or maybe a new symptom for me, I will be seeing a lupus and tissue disease professor Wednesday so will defo be bringing this up..

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I don't have lupus - but I lose what seems to be a lot of hair especially when I wash it. We lose about 100 hairs per day as a perfectly normal hair growth thing - and if you have longer hair it looks far more than if it is short! I tend to lose a lot at this time of year. You also tend to notice it in the shower when washing your hair because wet hair is quite delicate and you are handling it quite roughly so the entire day's hair loss will happen all at once.

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Sheole in reply to PMRpro

Thanks PMRPro I hadn't even thought of a referral to derm. Will do that.

And thanks for the hair care tips. I'm just kinda freaking out so not really thinking sensibly.

Have a food day!

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Has it been for a long time or is it this time of year? I've been bothered recently, but I really do only notice it in the shower, and a hairdresser friend told me they have to get the drains/ pipe thingies (can't think of word) extra unblocked this time of year. If that makes sense. Good idea to mention it to a medic though.

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Hoping it is a yearly thing. But the bald spot was first noticed inJune. Now the thinning through breakage has been August & Sept. Not done anything diff to my hair in a couple years.


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Lupiknits in reply to Sheole

I do hope it improves.

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Sheole in reply to Lupiknits

Thank you. Me too.

same problem here.i am lossing my hair also . my hair is just silky and straight by born but now they just look rough or dmage,which makes me cry for sometime.I don't know what i should do ?

Go see a dermatologist!!!!!!

Hair loss is normal for lupus, but it could also be discoid lupus (which I have). Please ask them to do a biopsy.

Some alopecia diagnosis the hair follicles are terminal (mine are) which means it is permanent hair loss and some it isn't. Sometimes you will get lesions and crusty spots (don't know the proper name) and sometimes not.

My advice is get it checked by an INFORMED dermatologist who is familiar with lupus.

Certain environments can trigger hair loss...sun... stress...humidity conditions...medications.

I wish you the best! I hope your hair loss is not permanent :)

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I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing hair loss.

We have a blog post on coping with hair loss which you might find interesting as well as an information leaflet on the effect of lupus on skin and hair which you can access or request on our website

Raising the issue with your consultant is definitely a good idea.



I have SCLE and hair loss has always been a feature for me. I have had small bald patches that I've been able to hide and hair thining. The Dermy told me some of my hair follicles were permanently damaged and the hair there wouldn't grow back. Luckily for me, I have thick hair and lots of it. So I have been able to hide this problem from people. But even though others can't see it, I find it upsetting and worrying.

Weirdly I am experiencing it now on quite a big scale. We have wooden floor boards throughout and my bedroom floor has a carpet of my hair after just a couple of days of hoovering. I am unblocking the shower plug hole every time and pulling lots of hair out of my brush after use. When blow drying my hair I can see it falling out. Plus I am constantly covered in it and it's all around the house and kitchen. I haven't had it this bad since my diagnosis In October 2013. I'm not sure if it's a flare in the way or the MMF (Mycophenolate Mofetil) I started taking in August.

Anyway, I will follow your post. Please update us on what your professor / Dermatlogist says.

Best wishes



Hi Leanne;

I have not lost much hair on my head but, I have lost all of my body hair from the neck down.

I am a guy so it is quite embarrassing to have no underarm hair, no chest hair, no hair on my legs, and yes, I have no hair in private places either. It slowly came out but, never grew back. I have noticed that the hair on my head seems to be receding?

Hope this helps?

Wishing you and your family a good weekend!


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