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Sinus Infection is NOT??


So I’ve had this “stuffy nose” for months. I have tried almost everything over the counter, under the counter and even been prescribed antibiotics but nothing seems to cure it. The other day I was arguing with my nose and this massive chunk of something came out! It was truly epic, it hurt but felt better because I could actually breathe a bit. Not that I want to admit this but I took a flashlight and looked up in my nose and sure enough there is a hole in the septum. Luckily I had a dr appointment already scheduled so I dealt with pain and headache till then. She got me in right away to see an ENT Doc. He said it’s due to your autoimmune disease. So is this normal? Has anyone else had this happen? I measured the size of the hole and it’s almost 2cm large. I’m having a tough time with all this and now a terrible flare up. frustrated right now.

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WOW! 🔔🔔🔔 I've been seeing doctors for nine years about a 'stuffy nose' and for the past three years have been batted between consultants about a biopsy.

I did break it in 1974 but I've had partial collapse over the past ?eight or nine years.

Look away, squeamish ones, but I have gunk coming out my mouth daily after a violent sneeze, and once retrieved 'coloured mucous' around 2" long 🤢

Consultants are currently 50:50 on possible vasculitis (ENT vs Rheumies) as nasal cartilage damage in SLE is very rare.

The kind of vasculitis (GPA aka Wegener's) that causes septal damage is even rarer, and it's usually (but not always) ANCA-positive.

Would you be willing to share more? or PM? 🦄 🦄 mo xxx

I’ve had a stuffy nose - worse at night - for over 18 months. I’m usually okay during the day but at night, I have to take (2) anti-histamine capsules before bed, and again 4-5 hours later (I’ll wake up very stuffy). I get sinus pressure and headaches sometimes from the stuffiness. Flonase did nothing.

I’m seeing an ENT on Friday about it. I’ve waited months for this appt so I hope he is able to figure this mystery out for me!

hey has your condition improved? What did you do about it?

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