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Successful appointment today 😊


Hello everyone, I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been just trying to deal with things.

But today I saw my lovely consultant. I can honestly say I feel like he’s on my side, cause illness can make you feel so alone sometimes.

But to know he cares so much and really listens to all my moans and symptoms and just doesn’t mind is just so relieving.

So after many months of monitoring my symptoms and repeating bloods and doing more bloods. He finally diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and m.e today.

He said that he still isn’t going to rule out Lupus as he things there’s a chance that I could be in early stages of Lupus cause in some cases lupus can progress slowly over years.

I’ve been taking amytriptaline for many months now but he’s prescribed me hydroxy as well.

They’ve also ordered a brain scan as I’ve been having issues with my glands, inflammation up inside the left side of my nose. Also worryingly lost hearing in my left ear slightly.

I’m only 36 so shouldn’t be loosing hearing at all at this age according to them.

So regardless of the diagnosis and future tests I feel comforted in the fact that I have the most amazing consultant and supportive gp.

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Sounds like you have found a good consultant! Well done. I have been tested for lupus but told I don't have it. Never any mentions of it possibly starting. I was told by my GP many years ago that 'it is CF you have' I queried this as was blaming my thyroid. And as everyone hypO and hypEr usually end up with some CF isn't it likely linked to thyroid. He went off onto his own theory about it being related to a part in the brain. I now know my CF occurs when there is any stress and my adrenals are not able to cope. Low adrenal function - something else Dr ignore. Low adrenals have a lot to answer for.

Having that kind of GP is priceless!!! I was with the same GP for all my adult life from 18 yrs old until I was 44-45 and she just got too big and busy for me. I switched to a much smaller one who hangs on my every word and has finally figured out all my diagnosis’s. We still continue to add to the list. You are one of the lucky 🍀 ones, stick with them. 🤗

Yes I think it takes time to build a good relationship with a GP, so yes I will definitely be sticking with her 😊

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