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End of term


Just finished my 2nd school year at the school I work in !

September will be a big change for me as I’m moving into another class. The children are completely different I’m going from 7 non verbal children to 8 very able and verbal children 😬😬

I also have to visit occupational health in the autumn term as I was just done a personal risk assessment. I won’t be able to support 4 of the children in my class because they aren’t hoisted and are to un reliable for me to carry out the manual transfer with.

I have also today enrolled my self on a level 3 sociology course. My end goal is to some A-Levels and higher access courses. The in a few years do a uni degree. Hopefully one day maybe be a special educational needs teacher!

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Hi LouLamb 😊🌸🌿🦋

Best wishes to successfully reach your goals.


Best of luck !! 👍

Hi loulamb

Well done for completing your second year and all the best for the new class of kids in Sept. I love your plans for a Sociology course and ultimately becoming a special needs teacher. You will achieve it too as your so determined!. I loved sociology at school, found it a very interesting subject. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the holidays , rest up and be ready for battle in the new term!. I hope your tolerating methotrexate better now. X

Good Luck! I’m sure you’ll do it.

Brilliant. Well done and enjoy the Summer. Best wishes Kevin

Good luck with your plans! Keep us updated. I hope your new meds are suiting you.

Wishing you all the best with your plans LouLamb . My sister worked with special needs adults in further education college, she loved her work, mind you it was hard work so you deserve a rest xxx


Oh my goodness! I am SO pleased and excited reading your post!

You clever girl!

How long have you been here with us? We’ve all “watched” you grow Into an amazing young woman. Look at what you’ve achieved. You should be super proud of yourself.

Aim high and don’t let anything stand In your way.

I hope you have a great summer holiday planned??

Great post. We all love good news.

Wendy xx

in reply to Wendy39

Thank you. I feel like I’ve been apart of this community forever now but it’s only 3 years !!

I’m volunteering for the first 2 weeks at a play scheme run by a co worker for our kids at work. It’s so chilled out and fun I can’t wait. It’s only a few hours as well.

I’m hoping to get down to Clacton with my mum for a week if I can manage to a caravan site my brother has booked.

I’ve got a meet up with a co worker who left.

This is all hoping that I have enough miles because I’ve got my black box I’ve already had to buy and extra 2000. I’ve only got 700 left. 300 needed for rest of work until policy ends and 200 to get to Clacton and back. So only leave 200 hundred until 27th sep. so I’ll have to stop all my long car journeys which I enjoy😑

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