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I was given a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine and told to start at only 200mg every other day as I am so drug sensative, they said I may even need to start a lot lower as I react to everything. I started 200mg with dinner last night and OMG within an hour I was off my head, I feel totally stoned (and still do) and super depressed (never ever felt this in my life before), not an emotional person but have cried for england - It is definately a drug reaction BUT I really want to persist with the drug.

The box I was given at Boots was QUINORIC but I have read that this can give bad reactions and to stick with Zentiva Hydroxychloroquine who took over the manufacture of Branded Plaquanil.

Any input please would be appreciated


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  • See the post further down the page, recent discussion. I hope this helps.

  • Thank You, its funny as yesterday at my appointment they did say something about this but it went over my head. but I did just find this on the internet

    Hydroxychloroquine Prescriptions

    It has come to our attention that some lupus patients have been receiving Quinoric® instead of their usual Plaquenil® and it has caused adverse effects on their health.

    Plaquenil® and Quinoric® both use the same active ingredient (Hydroxychloroquine) but they may have different fillers or dyes. It is these fillers/dyes that are probably what many people have a problem with.

    The reason Quinoric® is now being dispensed is that it is a cheaper alternative to Plaquenil®, which has come off its patent.

    If you have received Quinoric® and have noticed adverse effects then you should consult your GP. We have been informed that if they specifically write Plaquenil® on the prescription then the pharmacy will be able to supply you with the correct brand.

    After speaking with Sanofi-Aventis Medince’s Information Department (the manufacturers of Plaquenil) we have learned that Plaquenil has now been ‘de-branded’ to generic but that the same formulation of the drug will be available through pharmacies if they order Hydroxychloroquine through Zentiva (sister company to Sanofi).

    This information will be especially important to those people with lupus who experience negative side-effects from the alternative brand of Hydroxychloroquine, ‘Quinoric’.

    If your pharmacist has any difficulty obtaining the Hydroxycloroquine with the same formula from Zentiva, the product description is: “ Hydroxychloroquine” and the ‘PIP number’ (Product Code) is 1201730. If for any reason they cannot find the product on their system they can ring the customer service line on 0800 854 430.

  • Yes I think that is from Lupus UK website. There is a wealth of information on there.

  • Hi Rhian I have just answered another lady Barcardibabe, or this topic in another post so have copied it over to you also. Its a long reply to you I am sorry but I hope this makes things clear for you when asking for Zentiva Hydroxychlnrioqunie. This is my post from 2 years ago but everything in my post is still current. ......

    I can totally understand your concerns regarding the Quinoric, when I was perscribed planquinell a few years ago now I I was happily going along and then the pharmacy gave me a diff brand called Quinoric at that time I really had no idea about Lupus medication and didn't think that there would be any difference in them.

    So I started taking the Quinoric and within 5 days I started itching all over my whole body felt really itchy and my scalp,my ears and I had a strange rash on my arms and back and tummy. Felt really strange like I wasn't with it. My mouth started to feel sore and my tongue felt as though I had burnt my taste buds.. When I contacted my Rhumy she asked why I had been prescribed the Quinoric and to ring the issuing pharmacy so I did. When I questioned why the pharmacy that had given me the Quinoric I was amazed at the rude response.

    They said If not specifically stated the brand of hydroxychloriquine on your prescription, when it goes to the pharmacy's it will dish out the cheapest form of Hydroxychloriquine and this is normally Quinoric, I stated to her I had talked the my consultant and that I was indeed having a allergic reaction to the Quinoric and requested I be put back on the Planquinel Sanofi/ today is now ZENTIVA brand. The pharmacy tried to say that the ingredients were the same but this time I was armed with the information and wasn't going to be palmed off.

    I told her that what she was telling me was untrue and the reason she had given me was Quinoric was cheaper.Which she in the end admitted was true and that they do always prescribe the cheapest. She then went on saying that the active ingredients were the same, I agreed but thought I would give her a lesson by telling her that even though the active ingredients hydroxychloriquine were the same in equal parts. There was a massive difference in the fillers, in Quinoric there is silica (colloidal anydrous silica) which has seen links to autoimmune diseases and this silica has an established association with lupus.

    She then asked me was I medically trained and then suggested I did not take the Quinoric (which I wasn't going to anyway) so after I told my consultant she emailed a letter of complaint to the pharmacy and doctors gp about it and stated on a letter I must only be given Zentiva Brand.

    You will be amazed at the people who can not tolerate the Quinoric as the ingredients are not well tolerated. It is also known to turn teeth a light yellow colour.

    You could ask to have the new planquinel which is now being made by ZENTIVA and is called ...........( ZENTIVA hydroxcychloriquine)..... this has recently replaced the old planquinel as Sanofi have given the manufacturing over to their sister company.

    If there is one thing I have learned its we have to stand up for ourselves with a long term illness and fight to have the right medication, sorry for the long reply I hope this helps. Feel free to message me anytime I am happy to help. Just hope I have helped answer the question. Be strong and ask can you try ZENTIVA hydroxychloriquine. Good Luck let me know how you get on.

    If the Pharmacy has dificulty getting the Zentiva brand the lovely lady at Sanofi/Zentiva supplied me with the PIP number which I gave to Lupus uk Paul and a previous poster has already posted if they say they can't get it then its because thy don't normally stock it on their books, But if you need that medication. They can order it from a supplier.

    Even today few year on I always look in the bag to make sure they have put Zentiva in and I had a operation the other day and my husband picked them up from the Pharmacy on opening low and behold WRONG BRAND. my husband phoned the Surgery and said its on your screen that she is allergic...oh oh I didn't look at the note Im so sorry and apologised for 20 mins to my hubby....Check your meds peeps.

    Good luck x Mia


  • THANKYOU so much for this. I have contacted the pharmacy and they were so very rude but my GP has written a new prescription that states it must be Zentiva Hydroxychloroquine” and the ‘PIP number’ (Product Code) is 1201730.

    I have been so ill today, my mouth is burning, I feel totally stoned and so out of it and super depressed to a point I cant stop the tears and my face is totally numb.

    Will let this clear from my system and then restart when the new one arrives - again your help has been so heart warming xxx

  • Hello, First time on UK Lupus. I'm from the U.S. and I have thoroughly enjoy all the information on this site. Very helpful to me. I was wondering if anyone knows if the information above pertains to Plaquenil generic ingredients in the U.S. as it does in the Uk. I was using a generic Watson brand and my pharmacy switched generics on me and I had a terrible reaction. I am now on Prasco Labs hydroxychloroquine and doing well.

  • On contacting my clinic they confirmed that Lupus patients must not have the Silica (colloidal anydrous silica) in any product, in fact on youtube Dr Hughes states this in a presentation that Silica can flare lupus - all over the internet you can see it linked to autoimmune disease, so my advice would be to check all the fillers in all meds and request the branded Plaquanil only.

    I only learnt this thanks to willowwag - my reaction scared me to death


  • On Lupus UK we are all here in the same boat chick, and you will always find everyone will listen and care. Lupus and everything else that goes along with it is so hard to get through and we have some good and bad days, I know there is diff levels of us feeling crappy.

    I feel like crap and look like crap but today I can deal with it.

    I feel like crap I hurt so much I just can't move and I need my bed all day

    I feel like crap and can't cope with this new crap thats added itself to me.

    I feel like crap but todays crap isn't as bad as yesterdays crappy feeling and tomorrow I may not feel crappy at all I'm wishing.

    Sending you big hugs let us know how you do x

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