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I’ve been feeling low and sad for a very long time, went to my Gp and I’ve been told I have server depression and anxiety , I’ve been given sertraline 50 mg,, I feel like a failure to be taking this medication. Just been on them yesterday, I’m thinking what more going to happen to me depression, lupus what’s next.

Have any one been on this medication how did you react to them, cause I’m scared of the possible side effects .

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Whatever you are for taking sertraline - you are NOT a failure. You have been courageous to admit you need help and even more courageous for writing on here. Being faced with a chronic illness that isn't likely to go away is a major life event - and it is surprising that we on the forums aren't ALL on sertraline or something like it. But part of the reason for that is that most people who meet the Black Dog of depression don't ask for help to get it on a lead.

They are just discussing it on Sky News as I write and are pointing out that no-one is immune to this particular dis-ease and when we assume nobody else has to deal with it it is because all we ever see around us, social media in particular, is the perfect side of life. But just below the surface is a very different scene bubbling away.

Well done - and lots of virtual hugs xxx

Tash1987 in reply to PMRpro

Thank you soooo much for your reply, I had to get help out wasn’t healthy for my kids or my relationship? Constantly crying infront of my kids, can’t give them an answer when they Ask me , just snapping at everyone,

Thanks again for the reply you’ve put an smile to my face

PMRpro in reply to Tash1987

See - it isn't just for you - it is for everyone around you too. I know where you are - I have been there too in the past and it nearly lost me my relationship with one daughter.

Onwards and upwards!

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