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Painful lump


Hi not been for a while . I am totally fed up . That is putting it mildly . I have a golf ball sized lump some where unpleasant and in a uncomfortable place esp when sitting down and moving . Need a pre op as having all lupus symptoms can make it complicated ie sjorgens . Was giving a emergency pre op date last Wednesday. I was at work . Work told me I couldn’t go buisness before health . It has kicked off all the lupus symptoms . Living off pain killers and waiting for the 10 April for my pre op . Doc wanting to sign me off . But work can be very funny about that . Just thought would write for a moan . Thank you for being there x

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Take a deep breath & tell your boss he/she's got it very trumps business any day....

A golf ball size lump anywhere needs immediate medical attention. if your doctor advised that you need to sign off from work, you should phone in sick. They can't dismiss you if you have a doctor's letter.

Good Luck ...with an attitude like that in your work place you sure need it. I hope you get some help on 10th.

That isn't work being funny - that is inhuman. Sickness is sickness and it ALWAYS trumps business.

Are you in the UK? If so, lupus will be protected by disability legislation.

Hi there. I have tried a number of times over the past few years to get into the lupus chat room but found it difficult to get started. Yesterday I took the plunge. Life becomes very difficult when you have lupus as you now have to lead your normal life carrying this weight of lupus which gets in the way all the time! I am sorry to hear you are in such discomfort. It is all very well for me in my comfortable state of retirement to offer advice but really your health must be your first priority because without it you won't be able to function and perhaps you need to remind the 'powers that be' of that fact. Gabby.

Hi barbdockeray. The painful lump you have sounds like a Sebaceous cyst love. Its nothing to worry about, but ouch it is painful. It is a blocked gland, dont worry I have had a few. Sometimes u need antibiotics, but not always. Having warm baths or showers help. Sorry to sound gross, but it should pop on its own. Its not pretty but once it does the pain goes away.

And as for work love. Your bosses sound like a complete waste of oxygen. Your health matters more than their business. Hope everything works out hun. Take care.

Lupie hugs

Esky xx

Hi barbdockeray.

Oh boy is your boss on another planet and also very wrong. Under employment law you are entitled to attend any doctors / medical or hospital appointments during working hours and your boss would or should know this. If you belong to a union ask their advice.

It sounds like you have a Batholins abcess which would need surgical lancing/ draining, and antibiotics afterwards plus time off work.

Good luck and take care.


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