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Creatinine levels going up after 4 weeks on cellcept and prednisone and 3 iv infusions...anyone with similar experience?


Hi my husband has been diagnosed with Lupus nephritis class 3 after a kidney biopsy last month. His creatinine levels as he started his meds were down to 130 from 168. Since starting his meds cellcept 2g and prednisone 20mg his creatinine levels have gone upwards, so has just done IV steroids for 3 days and tomorrow begins 60mg prednisone. His creatinine today was up to 335! We don’t understand why it is going up ? Any ideas ?

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Hi , I've no idea I think you need to ask your doctor to explain what's happening as that level is very high , is your husband in hospital having IV medication ? Ask them to explain things to you , sorry I can't be of more help hope the medication improves your husband's condition soon I have level 3 lupus nephritis and was on very high steroids at first , I am well controlled now on myfortic and 5mg of prednisolone .

C17ley in reply to Buffy14

Thanks for your response. Yes he’s been in hospital having the iv

How long have you been diagnosed for and how long have you been class 3 for? It’s nice to hear that you are stable and there is hope! Just all feels very daunting at the mo!

Buffy14 in reply to C17ley

I have been diagnosed for 15 years now and still level 3 as far as I know , this disease is up and down but can be controlled and some people go into remission , my renal consultant thinks I am in remission in my kidneys , he says that because ibersartan which I have been put on for high blood pressure has stopped the protein leak I have chronic kidney disease rather than lupus activity in my kidneys , he didn't say why I have chronic kidney disease if it's not lupus I must ask that when I see him next because I am not in remission as far as my blood results are concerned still positive ANA positive RO and C3 and raised dsdna and still have severe fatigue joint pains etc and been told by rhematologist i will be on steroids for life and they are not keen on stopping immunosuppressant medication either . I have irreparable damage to my kidneys due to lupus that was confirmed by biopsy and so maybe because of that I will always have chronic kidney disease I'm not sure it's all very complicated . I hope your husband improves soon , ask all the questions you need to from the doctors .

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