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Rang rumi nurse

Hi I rang the rumi nurse last Wednesday to ask for steroid injection and rainods Meds did not get the usual nurse got quite an abrasive nurse who sounded quite overwhelmed when I listed what was wrong and what I wanted any how she wrote it down and said I’ll put it on the consultant desk bye 😠still not had a call back I will settle for one or the other joints are bad rainods are very bad🤬 ah feal better that’s off my chest going for a Chinese meal tonight I’ll try not to throw it al round the table this time here’s hopping

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Thats quite a wait to hear back , it may be worth phoning again- ive had to phone several times recently as Nurse had forgotten. Enjoy your meal tonight 😀


Ringing back today I was eating with a fork last night so dry cleaning should get the table cloth clean 😂😂😂 last time I used chopsticks my hands kept cramping dropped the bowl it looked like I had eaten off the table cloth but glad to say no drama last night

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Glad you enjoyed your meal. Keep your core warm as well as extremities will also help the raynauds. Good luck with call !


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