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Nurse MOT - weight gain depressing!

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Hi there, I went for an asthma check this morning, ended up with a full MOT - including discussing weight loss, jumped on the scales and am at a lifetime high!!!

I've never been this heavy and it's getting me down, obviously I knew I'd gained weight before xmas when my prednisalone went up to 30mg daily, but looking down and seeing the numbers in front of me was shocking and depressing! GP said just last week that my metabolism is very low due to medications but I now know I need to take action without fail, starting today.

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It is likely as you have an autoimmune disease that you may have sub clinical hypo thyroidism.. it is tricky as the NHS tests are within very narrow parameters and also not foolproof, if you good the symptoms for hypo thyroid... you will perhaps think to check this... It took me a while to work it out, but I have this! MaryF x

Hi slomo

I no how u feel iv gained weight aswell n it really gets you down but iv takin the small steps, after a 12 hour shift the last ting I want to do is exercise, I no I be in so much pain after work that I want to relax so iv tried eating healthy n cutting out the rubbish but if im havin a bad day n crave chocolate I have a small bit you cant deprive yourself I think thats when u tend to pig out, dont go to hard on urself :) good luck

It's a terrible feeling isn't is?

I have gained so much weight over the past 6months, I also have hypo thyroidism and polycystic asthma too had gotten worse, plus I am sure my joints will now forgive me that I have decided to do something about it, for my self esteem more than anything! So I joined slimming world and my bmi was 39.1! I could have cried....let's hope when I have my weigh in next week I will have lost a few pounds in my first week!

Keep strong xx

Thanks for your replies, I've looked up the hypothyroidism and not sure that I have many of the symptoms but will mention to consultant next week. Well done Houghton73shaw for joining slimming world, i've had great success in the past with that group and it is so good as it focuses on healthy eating as opposed to some fad diet that is really unhealthy. I didn't join a slimming group yesterday but agreed with my sister we'd weigh once a week and encourage each other on, so I started the plan and feel more positive already about eating fish, and other fresh produce. Fingers crossed it has some positive weight loss, even if it's at a slower rate than before.

Did you know that you can go to weight watchers for free, hope your nurse gave you the vouchers.

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No, I didn't know about that, I'll ask when I go next.

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Hi, I'm new on here and just noticed your post.

Where do you get the vouchers from and is it because we have Lupus we can get them? Thank you for reading my question.

Hi Sam13, you can only get the vouchers if you are overweight and your BMA very high. If your GP or practice nurse thinks you qualify you will be given the vouchers for 12 weeks of weight watchers classes and then you will have to be dedicated to loosing 10% of your weight to receive anymore vouchers. I have never used these vouchers, I have instead used diet chef meals which is very expensive (I wouldn't have been given the vouchers as I have only ever put on a stone and gone to weight watchers in the past and now discovered Diet Chef and MyFitnessPal app).

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