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Can lupus be misdiagnosed by a doctor? Because doctor diagnosed me as lupus last year under ITP. My platlet count was low. It shown as 7. Thought it was dengue but the result came out negative. Ive been warded for 3 weeks not knowing what makes my platlet count drop. And then the doctor diagnosed me with SLE. But sometimes i forgot to eat my medicine and no flare coming at all. None. Do i really have SLE? Sorry for my bad english.

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Sorry to hear of your troubles. SLE certainly can present a bewildering array of symptoms and diagnosis is often a tricky business. Unfortunately, no-one on this forum is going to be able to diagnose you, or second-guess the diagnosis of your clinician. Hope things improve for you soon, though

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Thankyou so much :)


Hi notnilla,

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Do you know which blood test results and symptoms your doctor based their diagnosis of lupus on? Some tests are very specific for lupus (such as anti-dsDNA antibodies) whilst others are not very specific (such as ANA) and can be found in other conditions and healthy people too. You can read more about how lupus is diagnosed in our booklet here -

It is important to remember to take your medication as this can help control your lupus better; reducing signs and symptoms. You can do several things to help you remember to take your medication, for example:

• setting a reminder on your phone

• writing a note and sticking it on your door/fridge

• asking a family member/friend to remind you

• carrying a medication/pill box in your bag

We offer a free information pack which you can download here:


Yes i did everything already and currently doing well on eating my medicine. Thankyou. Doctor asked me about my other symptoms but i don’t have any. Before i was admitted, i have a fever and red spot on my hands. Also my gum bleeding for no reason. That’s when i know that my platlet count is low. The doctors were very confused because i don’t have any other symptoms. They gave me immuno globulin to rise up my platlet count but it doesnt work. When they give me steroid. My platlet count went back to normal. And i started to feel fatigue, joint paint all over my body, AFTER those medications.


If you are not confident with your current diagnosis and treatment plan then I would recommend requesting a referral for a second opinion.

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okay thankyou! i would definitely do that :)


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