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What a week

I have had the most horrendous pain in and around my left hip. Every movement made me wince and I couldn’t even get to appointments without my crutches. No medication worked or even eased it a little.

It has started to ease now. On top of that I’ve got a steroid inhaler which I think is linked to swelling in my right hand and face over night. Two pairs of new glasses as my sight has changed so much an I had to see the dentist which I’m petrified of as two fillings have / are coming out. Will it ever get better. Xx

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Hi Tinkerjack

I have had the same pain in my left hip for over 2 years, when I finally got to see a specialist I was told it was a bulge in the spine and there was nothing he could do for me and no explanation as to why, except put me on the highest strength of painkilling patches. I too have to use crutches to get around but how long it will be before I’m in a wheelchair, no one knows!

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Hello...My hip pain , I finally found out is osteoarthitis ...makes sense I was a runner.....Sorry you are having such a rough time of it all Xx


It really effected me, it’s a little better so far but I dread it happening again. Xx


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