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Kidney infection


I’ve been really unwell the past few weeks tired l, peeing a lot last week my back started hurting at the bottom painkillers nothing was helping up all night. Don’t have a temperature or feeling sick anything like that! Went to the doctors took a sample said I’ve a slight kidney infections, they gave me some antibiotics trimethoprim, said when the tests come back they know if it’s the right antibiotic, reading the forums on kidney infection and freaked myself out about this antibiotic,

Do you think it will be okay to take?

Do these types of infections happen a lot? It’s been 10 years never had one before since having lupus.

Can it get a lot worse if untreated properly?

Thank you

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Hi yes it can get a lot worse if not treated and it will be more difficult to treat take the antibiotics as soon as possible and drink plenty .


Good antibiotic for kidney infections, have used in the past, the earlier you start the better for you, as farmerfeste says drink plenty.

Hope you feel better soon.

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