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Lovely lupus

I have found the better you know your attacker the less intimidating it becomes. Now 59 diagnosed age40 and was still working full time 2 jobs 3 shifts single parent thanks to bigamy no less. I had a shock to find myself wiped out unable to walk with body wide rashes of all descriptions and lots of other stuff which made sense after reading good books recommended by lupus uk. I fought back becoming a fund raiser and going to lots of Venues in s.e. Wales where I met so many people who were bewildered by lupus. This forum is amazing as an idea as conversation with fellow victims/ overcomers and everything else. I continue to battle with medical moguls and happily take my points of view to the appointments. There are still many medics who think we’re spongers and layabouts even at the senedd in Cardiff. However the situation will continue to improve as we get our story told keeping friends close and enemies closer. One day at a time. Never loose your identity you are a person that happens to have lupus but it does not need to rule you more than you let it. Smile despite it all and don’t let it make you despise what you have it’s not who you are. Educate your family and life is worth living xx especially when you believe in yourself worth ttfn

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Very well said and congratulations to you for kicking ass, an inspiration to us all 😁😁😁😁 x

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts & work... 😃 it is a struggle sometimes... May like to comment on the report Kevin posted as it focuses on services here in Wales...ml


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