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GP phoned today to say my blood had been looked at again and despite having positive ANA Rheumatologist has stated that no more tests to be done that they reckon not Lupus , will need to ask him what is causing my symptoms , he has however arranged for full blood count and colonoscopy in relation to my stomach problem. Pretty frustrated. Feel that if I got chance to speak to Rheumatologist and went over symptoms and they saw them in the flesh it would be more help.

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Other similar conditions can cause horrible digestive problems and Lupus-like symptoms plus positive ANA. I have ongoing abdominal problems and high ANA as part of primary Sjögren’s. RA, Vasculitis and Scleroderma can all present in this way too.

So please don’t feel that not being diagnosed with a Lupus necessary means you don’t have a rheumatic condition. Hopefully the FBC and colonoscopy will help clarify things a bit more for you one way or another.

Dear Stuart88

I did a [very] little research on Autoimmune testing because my own has been below par for some time, owing to previous illnesses, and your situation seems to be better than mine, Stuart, but I'm not a Doctor, so what do I know . . . . . . .

A positive ANA test means autoantibodies are present. By itself, a positive ANA test does not indicate the presence of an autoimmune disease or the need for therapy.

Some medications cause a positive ANA. Tell your doctor all prescription, over-the-counter, and street drugs you take.

Suggest that you Talk to your doctor about your positive ANA and ask if there is any relationship with Lupus (if I've understood your problem correctly), ask about the best next steps for further evaluation and tell him/her about your worries. Your doctor may be able to set up a face to face chat with your rheumy for you if you ask nicely.


stuart68 in reply to SLEEPINGDOG

Cheers John. Dermatologist couldn't pin down what was causing skin conditions and the GP was very helpful ,,, will try and get to bottom of it all eventually. Maybe one day

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