Double Vision

Hello, I have been noticing that whenever I go shopping in shops with bright lights and a lot of different a Homegoods store (furniture, nick naks, pillows ,mirrors ,cook wear etc) I get double vision...actually more like I can not focus clearly...I feel like I am in a kaleidoscope fun house....which isn't fun at all!! I have been on Hydroxy--(sp?) for about 4 months since my DX....anyone else????



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9 Replies

  • Hard to know what the cause of many of our symptoms might be, isn't it? I was diagnosed with cataracts about 10 years ago. Although it affects me in all lighting conditions, it's in bright light that I notice it most - that's when the inability of my lenses to fully resolve an image is most obvious, causing light "flares". In dimmer light, edges are blurred more gently, if that makes sense. I think this is true for lots of people as their eyesight deteriorates for whatever cause.

    Anyway, I guess this is one for your optician....x

  • Thank You....very true, every new symptom can not be attributed to Lupus....My eyes were Checked in November... they are not too bad for my age, 62....Perhaps..oh I don't know....maybe I'll just stay out of stores with bight lights and a lot of things...xoxoxo...Thankfully I no eye weirdness while water coloring..

  • Are you on hydroxy if so you should be having regular eye tests

    Happy new year

  • Iff you are getting double vision as you describe you need to see your gp get him to refer you to the eye clinic I had this it just got worse till it became an emergency .

  • Thank You...time to call ...

  • Hi Leslie! I got something like that back in November 2 months after being on Hydroxy. It lasted for about 30 minutes.On both eyes.

    Happy new year X

  • Yes, Happy New Year xo

  • Hi leslieliesel,

    Do you think this could possibly be a photosensitive reaction to the fluorescent lighting in these stores? Do you experience any rashes or flushing on skin exposed to UV light (such as the cheeks and nose)?

    Many people with lupus experience a reaction to fluorescent lighting so it may be worth considering. If you'd like to read more about this, please take a look at our blog article here -

  • Yes Paul..I do believe that the lighting in the store is causing my vision issue.. I am very sun sensitive which causes a horrible rash . Last summer there was no escaping going to the Drs to check out my rash..That is what lead me to a lot of blood work & was Quickly DX'd (compared to what I have been reading here) with Subcutate Lupus ...My Rheumy said because I am an old(62) white female, it is not too likely that I will have organ involvement ... I have to stay protected from the sun and florescent lighting and take hydroxychloroquine(sp?) The medication has helped a lot with my wrist hand elbow etc pain ...I still have FATIGUE ...For the most part my rash has cleared up..but my skin is extra sensitive and fragile...I have not had rashes on my face...Thank you for the blog


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