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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus drug Lupuzor

Apparently there could finally be hope for millions of sufferers of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Today UK company ImmuPharma announced the last patient had received their last dose in its Phase 3 trial of SLE drug Lupuzor (also known as IPP-201101 or Rigerimod) with the trial due to end in January 2018 and readout shortly afterwards. Results so far have been impressive, with the Phase 2b trial indicating Lupuzor could be more efficaceous, faster acting and lack the side effects of GSK's SLE drug Benlysta (Benlimumab) together with being available at a lower price. One to watch in the coming weeks.

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This is fantastic news, thanks for posting


I think those drugs are way too expensive

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Please can anyone advise? I’ve had lupus for almost 20 years & overall keep well on medication. Working full time (& a bit of private work too)

This week has been very stressful - my elderly parents are ill & not coping but refuse help. Almost a week ago I developed a large & deep mouth ulcer on the roof of my mouth causing not just soreness but pain in my face. Over the last 24 hours I now have a prickling sensation on my face , head , shoulders & hands. I can’t get warm & that really isn’t me! My skin is tender to touch. I’ve had this before but never on this scale.

I’m desperately trying not to go off sick as I manage my lupus well usually . I’ve a new manager & don’t want to ruffle feathers.

Help does anyone have any words of wisdom? Please😢 xx

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