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I was just reading about this new drug for lupus based on a peptide invented by a French company. It has just started Phase III trials on a fast track - the previous 3 phases (phases I, IIa and IIb) were very encouraging - people were given injections every few weeks and disease reduction was achieved without significant side effects pretty quickly after that. It is being assessed by the FDA in the US for approval to market.

Here's a link for more details if you're interested

Assuming all goes as expected with the Phase III trial, the drug could be on the market in a year or two, I reckon - but don't take my word for it, I'm not a specialist in these things, it is a simple assumption based on the fact that this drug has started in research and development about 10 years ago, and with the fast track and everything, I do hope something comes up pretty soon.

Of course, anything can go wrong at any stage of this process, or it may be that it would be so expensive that It becomes prohibitive for us in the UK, or who knows what.

But is giving hope, right?

Fingers crossed!

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Actually, this article says that if the trial goes ok, the drug could be on the market in 2013


Thank you very much for this info, sounds very encouraging.


Let keep our fingers crossed :-)


Yes, this is a very encouraging drug, here is another link. I believe that the 3rd phase is delayed because there are some problems with the partnership of the pharmaceutical company Immuphrama, There is lots of information online about this. It is very frustrating though, as I feel that this could be a good and helpful and not so costly medication that could help many of us, yet I think the financial problems as usual are holding it back.


Brilliant, I haven't seen this before. As I unspderstand it, Cephalon has been acquired by Teva but the deal regarding Lupuzor hasn't. ImmuPharma is now looking for other partners to bring this to market. I would have thought that there would be lots of interest, given the number of lupus sufferers worldwide but who knows what the deal offered is that makes them hesitate. I can't blame pharma companies for wanting to recoup their investment, I just wish they sort themselves out quicker and get on with this!


Yes, Purpletop, you have summed it up very nicely. I wish a had a few millions myself to be able to perhaps invest in this!!!


I've been reading about this drug and I'm very interested to learn more,I've posted a question to see if any one knows much about it,thank you for alerting me to a potentially life changing medicine x


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