Please vote for LUPUS UK in the Charity Film Awards 2017

Please vote for LUPUS UK in the Charity Film Awards 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm very pleased to announce that our video 'LUPUS: An Invisible Monster' (which you can watch below) has been nominated for the Charity Film Awards 2017.

We would be very grateful if you can spare a minute to vote for our video online at (you will need to register your email address to prevent abuse of the online voting).

Voting closes at midnight on Friday 15th December 2017.


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23 Replies

  • Thanks Paul. Only too happy to vote and share on FB

  • Thank you Lupiknits :)

  • I will definitely vote and share. I am going through a really stressful time at the moment having to appeal my e.s.a. the tiredness and fatigue is awful. struggle to stay awake, let alone concentrate on things, being forgetful is getting worse and so absent minded. feel I am losing my marbles. how can I be expected to hold a job down? I have the trauma of having to sign on at the job centre tomorrow and been told I will not be treated any different to anyone else. I am so stressed and getting low. I was on high rate e.s.a. with bipolar. i have now been diagnosed with lupus which is now another debilitating illness so why has it been stopped. it's awful the way people are treated. forcing them into work when you know you are not capable.

  • Hi Mandypandy1969,

    Thank you for voting and sharing this.

    I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a hard time at the moment. Are you able to get a sick note from your doctor to save you having to sign on for the time being?

    I hope that your appeal goes smoothly and that they reinstate your support. I saw on your post here that you had some great comments from other members of the community and I hope that sharing here helps during this stressful time.

  • Yes this site and the lovely people on here helps immensely. I am going to my g.p. Tomorrow as my pain killers and anti inflammatories are not working anymore. I have terrible brain fog and I am going to mention this aswell. I have had my benefit stopped and been forced to go to job centre tomorrow which is stressing me out, the thought of it as I have been told I won't be treated any different to anybody else. So stressful just thinking about it. My g.p. Appointment is before the job centre which is a relief as I want to ask him to do a medical letter for me to send with mandatory appeal letter. I was so stressed this morning that I was in tears. My eyes feel like lead weights, so tired and fatigued along with all the achiness and heaviness in my limbs. I know stress makes lupus worse, thanks DWP.

  • Mandy, I may have asked before, but what kind of support do you get for the Bi-Polar disorder? Evidence on that can only help, too. Your GP can list any meds you need to control it ( I take different doses of three, which after years of tweaking and readjustments work pretty well, but act as no guarantee I won't hit mood uppers and downers) . Sorry you are so stressed by it all x

  • Hiya. I was put on the high rate e.s.a. For my bipolar. I am on venlafaxine 150 mg per day, slow release capsule in the mornings, lamotrigine 150mg twice a day which is a mood stabiliser. I still get really depressed when I have a lot of stress to deal with which I try and avoid stree as much as possible so this DWP bunch of arseholes are not helping me at all forcing me to go to the job centre and sign on. I will get treated no differently to anybody else either so I was told. I am stressed to the hilt. I am seeing my g.p. Tomorrow as the pain killers and anti inflammatories are not doing anything anymore for the lupus. I was in tears today because of all the worry I now have. I am in the process of writing a mandatory letter of appeal. I will take them to court if I have to. I know I am not capable of holding a job down, the brain fog is getting worse which I will mention to g.p. Tomorrow. I am in a right state and I know this situation will stress me more tomorrow as the job centre are not nice or sympathetic to people. Can't believe I have had my e.s.a. Stopped especially now I have another debilitating condition. Sorry, rant over but so scared and stressed. Xx

  • Rant away, anything to do with DWP would stress a saint. PM me whenever you need x

  • thanks. I really appreciate it. I really am not happy about being forced to sign on. I know I will get stressed and probably lose my rag. xx

  • I am not fit to work. everyone who knows me are shocked e.s.a. had has been stopped. they know I can't hold a job down. x

  • I got a sick note when I had to do it , it makes no difference you still have to sign on

  • Just voted, great video. Cheers for letting us all know

  • Thank you llewelyn2405 :)

  • Quick comment from Son Number Two who is a bit of a whizz on creating films, graphics etc. " The content and message is important Mum, but the production values are really good which makes it even better" 👏

  • Thank you Lupiknits, that is good to hear :)

  • Voted & shared .film is very informative for people who don't understand lupus .

  • Thank you charmaineholmes :)

  • Just voted 😊

  • Thank you Blizlee :)

  • Voted and shared on Facebook & Twitter for further votes. Thanks for your continued support.

  • Thank you mena52 :)

  • Will vote and share! May I leave one note: the video is great and I love the animation and storytelling. The one thing it doesn’t mention tho is the pain we experience? Was it intentionally not addressed since pain is a controversial topic right now? Just curious.

    Congrats and I hope this gets lots of attention and awards!!

  • Hi katidid,

    Thank you for voting for the video and sharing it with other people. Pain wasn't intentionally avoided in this video. The main thing we wanted to highlight here was fatigue because it was felt by many that it was one of the most poorly understood aspects of lupus. Unfortunately with short videos like this we're never able to cover everything we would like to because lupus is so varied. I'm certain that we will cover pain in another video.

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