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Biotin, has anyone tried it?

I'm starting to take biotin to fix my hair problem. This is still my 5th days so I can't give result soon. But I want to share things that I experienced.

I think I got more itchy on the skin that has hair, my scalp, my eyebrow and even my eyelashes, so it makes my eyes feels bad too.

Because of that I think I also got more hairloss but its more like the baby hairs that fall. Im not sure this is because of biotin or not because im having my periode at the same time and usually when i have my periode I got more hairloss. But I think biotin also contributes to my itchy skin.

It makes my face breakout too but its not that bad.

The good thing is my nail feels thicker and grows faster. Im sure of this one because of biotin.

So, for now I will try to take biotin maybe for a month to hope the best result come. Im taking 5000mcg. I also think that its not biotin maybe that cause my itchy skin and breakout, maybe other ingridients in my supplement because im sure my nails are stronger now.

So, for you who has tried biotin, hows your experience? Does it work? How long it takes to see result? And how much you take and what brand? This hair problem is so frustating. I feel so bad about it.

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I have used it for a year and a half, since my lupus diagnosis. I take 1000mcg daily and 500mcg of folic acid.

I had large bald patches which have since filled in, and no new patches have appeared. My hair strands are still very weak, and cannot take much pulling, combing or brushing.

One unpleasant occurence I’ve noticed are mustache hairs (I am female) so now I do more lip waxing.

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Im glad it works for you. Im thinking of reducing my dosage. I think mustache hair that you get is from immunosuppresants maybe if you take it because im having the same experience too. I have hair in my back that i never have before.


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