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Pip mobility


Has anyone been told that your score is 10, but because you can use a sat nav to plan a journey your refused motability part even though she has Fibro,

if not my sister’s score would have been 12, she has to hand her car back, even though she needs it to take her little boy to school as he has ADHD. I can’t let her borrow my mobility car as I need it to get to hospital appointments or physio that always seem to be at school times. Sorry my post is a bit long.

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Sounds bad on score, even though she has been refused you can appeal. Sounds odd This Sat Nav bit I’d investigate, so close on score worth appealing.

By the way the car can only be used by the person who gets the mobility allowance or whoever else is insured providing being used for your benefit.

You can be fined for letting someone else use your car if being used for their use and not your.

I think it used to be a £1000 fine, so be careful. If she has an accident she won’t be covered unless she is insured on your car and the journey being made is for your benefit only.

The government are taking lots of cars away at the moment, cos unfortunately the car benefit is being abused.

Good luck.



Thank you everyone for replying to my question as soon, both my sister & I are pleased.

Sorry I hadn’t really explained properly I know that she can’t use my car but I would have to take her there and back.

However, my sister did appeal but that is what her letter said today apparently its because she can plan a journey with it, however most cars have them, so I think that they are just looking for excuses to fail people & get everyone of benefits and make disabled housebound again we don’t know what else she can do.



I have just looked on the web and there is a good link to. The Citizens Advice Bureau about appeals to DWP decisions:


This site has some good examples.

More than half the people who appeal win their case win.

I had to go to appeal to get my blue bad and the gentleman who came to my home to assess me said that there was no reason for me to have been turned down.

Worth a try.


Like all these tested benefits it's a Dog's Breakfast. A few years ago my neighbour had a Motobility car because her son was disabled....she used the car to go to work & he used the bus!


Did she ever get caught out? He can’t have needed it that much if got the bus.


He lost a leg in an accident...being a kid he just carried on as normal & mum got a car!

I get so angry because it seems once you are in the system you are home free!

Not sour grapes....luckily I don't need a car!

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I’m pleased that he is coping without his leg, some people can get away with everything and some pay the price for them. I Originally had to fight for more than a 3 length of DLA in order to get a motability car as I need an automatic with hand controls now when my turn comes to apply for Pip I may also loose mine.

My sister owned her own car up until June, she was struggling getting in & out as it was too low for her, so she gave her’s up & got a motability car and now she is going to be stuck, unless I become her chauffeur and take my nephew to school.


Thank you, we will have a look at it and see what help she can get, it’s amazing how you can forget about them until someone else reminds you about a place, at the moment she’s upset that’s I’m trying to get advice for her.

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