Have you received confirmation of your DLA mobility award this year?

I've just received a call from somebody who is currently receiving an indefinite DLA mobility award and is due to change her adapted car. Usually she receives a letter confirming her award each year, but she hasn't received anything this year. She is concerned to contact the DWP in case it triggers a reassessment of her current reward earlier than intended.

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  • Hi Paul, I received an indefinate award in 2014. I havent received anything from them since. I also have a mobility car but its not due for renewal yet, it never crossed my mind that they didnt send any correspondence since. However I have just applied for ESA for the first time and according to their records my award ends April 16? I was very surprised as my award states indefinate? Havent received any new paper work from them yet. It looks like all awards being reviewed very shortly. I dread going through the whole process again very stressful.

  • Hi Lupielass, do you know if you were in the work-related activity group (WRAG) or the support group for ESA? When were you first awarded ESA?

  • Im just in the process at the mo. Ive received correspondence confirming that I have been successful with my claim and a 'capability for work' book to complete and send to them. So dont know what group yet!

  • I'm sorry, I got confused and thought that you meant your ESA ends in April 2016. I didn't realise you meant your current PIP ends in April 2016. Good luck with the reassessment, they will send you the paperwork in due course.

  • Hi Paul

    I was given a DLA indefinite award and usually get a confirmation letter around this time each year as they say how much the money will go up in April. It hasn't come yet but could. I wouldn't advise contacting them as it could trigger an earlier reassessment for your lady. Hope that's helpful. X

  • Hi PAUL

    I understand her cocerns this happend to me but was not the car i changed bank details and i am sure that triggered mine off i was awarded DLA for life but it counts for nothing i had mine done in December and got my face to face 2 weeks later and 13th Jan received a letter being awarded it untill 2025,

    What ever happens as it finishes very soon she will be contacted anyway .

  • Hi Paul

    I received my confirmation of award letter as usual this year for DLA, i was awarded indefinite in 2008, but when my social worker advised them that my condition was getting worse, it triggered a transfer to PIP. They send the PIP form to fill in and am still waiting for an appointment for assessment since March. I hope this helps.

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