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HIB vaccine

Has anyone had to have a Hibb vaccine? I have had numerous haemafilus influenza infections since having rituximab. In fact I can’t get rid of it at the moment and on 6 weeks of antibiotics.

The hospital tested my antiobodies against hibb and they are low so I have to have a vaccine. I’m really hoping this will help me fight it off and stop further infections.

Has anyone else had this?

Thank you


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Hey Joanne, is the Hibb vaccine the flu vaccine? I didn’t take mine last year and can’t help wondering if the Haemophilus B infections I’ve had all year are related. Anyway have taken it already this year so fingers crossed xxx p.s. just wondering if you are taking probiotics? I really really advise them because of all the heavy doses of antibiotics you’ve been on this year. I’m taking something called Bio-Live from microbz- it contains gut friendly bacteria and a ton of herbs and minerals. Will send you a link to them if you want to take a look xxx


No it’s not the flu jab. Babies have a hibb vaccine to protect you agains Haemophilus influenza but when I was younger it wasn’t about. I have had the infection all year too and they have asked me to have the vaccine go hopefully get rid of it.

That would be great, thank you x


I can’t believe all the medications The UK has access to compared to the US. I have never heard of rituximab and ten others. It’s so different there.


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