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Trouble with supply

Hi all,

Is anyone else having problems getting hold of hydroxychloroquine the brand made by Zentiva, I have been taking it for 5 years however my local pharmacy says this source has dried up and that the cost has risen to £24.95 and the NHS will only fund £15.95 of the cost so only the cheaper generic brand Quinoric produced by Bristol laboratories will be despensed from now on. Does this sound familiar.

Best wishes


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Hi Makeba can I ask where you had the information from regarding Only Quinoric being available and the reason being given that the shortage is because of the cost going up that is why the NHS will not fund the cost and thats why the supply has dried up.


I was given this for my arthritis. The drug store carries it and I haven't had a problem getting it. I can't say as I feel much pain relief from it however.


It seemed to be difficult to get it a few weeks ago but my local chemist has got it now. Try an independent chemist....they seem to try harder ! My GP is still paying out so I should question the price with another chemist.

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Hi all just to let everyone know I have spoken to Zentia/Sanofi and we should now have all our normal Hydroxcycloriquine back in stock they did have a shortage but its all sorted again now and our pharmacists shouldn't have any problems as he said they are rolling them all back out as normal. if your pharmacies say the can't get it they have said to tell them to ring them and they will help sort it for us. Tel No is 01483 505515 and the product code is the same which I will also add to my post 1201730 x


Hi Makeba,

This has been discussed in another thread which has up-to-date information about the supply issues (which are now largely resolved) -***updated-6-10-17***

Does your GP specifically state 'Zentiva brand only' on your prescriptions? If you need this particular brand to avoid adverse effects then I would recommend asking them to do this - then the pharmacy cannot supply you with another brand.

This is the first I have heard of significant pricing differences. Regardless, if this is the brand you need and what is requested for you, it is what needs to be supplied.

More information about hydroxychloroquine branding and prescriptions is at

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