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Side effects

I've been taking hydroxychloroquine for about 2 months now and I'm starting to feel better with the Lupus but the side effects from the meds are starting to kick in I think? Loosing hair and are gum problems a side effect? My gums seem very sore and swollen. Maybe it's to do with my jaw joint being swollen?

Has this happened to anyone else?

Thank you xx


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Initially my hair was falling out quite abit when I started hydroxy, freaked me out, even talk to my hairdresser about it. Good news it did settle down at least for me and it seem ok now.

Teeth /gums can be problematic, really important to care for these as gum loss can mean teeth loss. I see the dentist regularly and get my teeth clean every 3 months to keep on top of it. Not sure if the hydroxy does this or autoimmune. Can gargle with warm salt water to he!p sore gums....ML


Thank you xxx

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The same here. Due my hydroxy my hair usually falls out a lot, big balls of hair. Not bald though :) and I have massive problems with my gums, but the same, not sure if it's due my lupus, immunological system, pills..etc. I do have to take extra care of my gums and teeths (constant dentist treatments,listerine,soft toothbrush,floss,sprays,not eating very hard stuff,etc).

Best of luck!


My hair was falling out before I started hydroxy and once on the drug it helped with that and all sorts of problems. I have a dry sticky mouth and ulcers, swollen gums but I have primary sjogrens so its not down to hydroxy. I'm prescribed Difflam for that, its good stuff. I dont know of hydroxychloroquine causing side effects like the ones you describe....maybe talk to your doctor??

Hope you feel better xxx

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Thank you lovely. I ha e sjogrens also and I didn't occur to me it could be that! Still all very new and working through x thank you for advice xx


I understand, its a lot to take in. You're very welcome xx


Hi jennae, just noted that you have sjorgrens as well which explains a lot. I felt initially the hydroxy helped both, but I have just been put on another autoimmune to see if it will help with sjorgrens symptoms I.e. styles, sores in mouth, dry mouth, tiredness. I still getting my head around what is lupus & what symptoms are sjorgrens... Let us know how your getting on πŸ˜€ ML


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