Steroids Damage

Hi all

Sincere apologies for not posting or replying for a while. I've been in and out of hospital and attending numerous appointments over the past few months.

I thought the Rituximab infusion had caused me serious damage however it is looking more likely the damage has been caused by steroids.

I have severe lung tissue damage, vocal cord and voice box damage.

My weight is getting uncontrollable. My confidence and self esteem is so low.

I am now only on 5mg steroids amongst a load of other meds.

Has anyone else had these problems with medication and if so, how have you overcome them?

Thank you and big hugs to you all


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  • So sorry to hear. Me (SLE)and my mum (RA) both have autoimmune issues with out going into too much details (extremely long story). My mum almost die a few time earlier this year. Not fully because her RA but lead from that to noe no legs no arm and fat face from steroids. She is in pain everyday. In and out of hospital, mostly in. Even when she is home she can only be on her bed. She cries of course. But she also take one day at a time and do have some good days. She tries to focus on her grandkids. We call her everyday to talk. She learn to aim small and dream a little bigger :-) for me is one day at a time, try not to plan. Look for sign of improvement even if is one less nap I took.

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