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Raised CPK and electromyography (EMG)

Well, I was having a really good day until my rheumy rang this afternoon to tell me he is unhappy with my elevated CPK levels and that he wants me in next week for an EMG presumably to look for myositis or some muscle-wasting condition.

My rheumy usually has a very clear agenda of his own, so I have to make sure that the 2 or 3 questions I will get to ask when I am there are the most useful possible.

If anyone has experience and/or suggestions, I'd be very glad to hear them.

(incidentally, I will be seen by the neurology team in a few weeks so that might be worth bearing in mind. I am definitely getting my money's worth from the NHS!)

Ta x

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Not a clue, as usual, but cyber hug from someone else who keeps the NHS busy x

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Thanks lupiknits! I would *definitely* have been bankrupted several time over by now if I had to pay for my healthcare! x

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Yes, Mike, much as we grumble about the NHS sometimes, my brother and family in Denver with serious health problems,would swap in the blink of an eye x

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No suggestions as no experience of raised CPK and all EMGs and nerve conduction studies have been extremely normal with me. But I'm very glad that you have a vigilant rheumy and I just hope that tests show up only what can be managed. Whatever is going on hasn't dented your positivity and clear thinking at least Mike. And yes I too seem to be getting very good value out of the NHS just now! X


Thanks Twitchy, that's a good way of putting it - only manageable stuff is welcome here! x


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