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Chest Pain

I'm yet to be diagnosed but have very recently had blood taken to check for inflammation (Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis). Earlier in the year I was diagnosed with mild concentric left ventricular hypertrophy which basically means the left side of my heart isn't so efficient as the right (I think). I'm also on meds for high blood pressure.

I've been getting a sharpish pain in the right side of my chest which literally only lasts seconds and feels like something is being "squeezed". Should I be concerned? Is this a possible symptom of lupus?

My Dr has also mentioned the possibility that I may have fibromyalgia but I will have to wait and see what the bloods come back as (these were ordered by the neurologist I saw recently).

Feeling really fed up and down.

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Hi Tigerlily

Any chest pain should be checked out by your doctor and if it suddenly worsens then it should be A&E!. Interesting your being tested for lupus and RA as chest pain can occur in both conditions for different reasons but mostly all caused by inflammation!. Good luck for your blood results. Keep us posted. X


Thanks for replying to me, it's really appreciated. I've emailed my surgery to ask if the blood results are back. Hopefully someone (helpful)! will respond otherwise I'll have to phone them which they don't always like. As I know exactly what was being tested I've asked for the figures and comments etc for each individual test.

I'm feeling pretty rotten today so am off work (called in sick) and am also feeling low. I just want some answers!


Hi Tigerlily

I'm sorry your feeling so low and poorly. Sorry too your usual GP is on holiday till begin sept. That's tough , this time of year is a nightmare if you need anything!. It can make you feel as if everyone's on holiday except you!. Good luck for getting blood results, if surgery funny insist it's your right. Keep us posted. X


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