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Positive ANA Not referred

Hi, I have been suffering with a myriad of symptoms, the most consistent is joint pain in elbow, wrist and fingers. My hand will claw and lock. My GP recently ran some bloods and I had a positive ANA and anemia show up. Other symptoms are shortness of breath, fatigue, face sensitivity to heat which lead to rashes.

I went to see a neurologist last week and showed her my bloods, she said that most women get a higher tilter as they get older, mine is 160. Typically she told me not to worry. My question is do you think I should push my GP to refer me to a rheumy Instead and be tested for lupus. I'm getting desperate for answers and help. Many thanks. Dawn

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Absolutely, go for it, even if no diagnosis is given by the rheumatologist at this time (lupus takes time to show up), you have put yourself on the correct radar. And even if it isn't lupus, a rheumatologist would be better placed to calm your fears, they see lupus every day, unlike GPs or neurologists. Good luck.


Hi Dawn,

In defence of your GP, lots of people apparently have a raised ANA and no autoimmune disease. There is a good article about positive ANAs here:

And you are anaemic. This can certainly make you tired and short of breath. The key thing is the cause of the anaemia - if it is not diet related, then it may turn out to be related to autoimmunity (or some other cause).

Yes - please do push for a referral, but try not to convince yourself you have this horrid disease until you know for sure. Lupus can be difficult to diagnose and so it may take some time before you know for certain. In the meantime - try to make the most of every day, and life your life as if you had not got lupus!


Well put, Maggie.


Agree with Maggie and Purpletop... :)


Thank you for your wise words and articles Maggie et al.


Go for it - better to be safe than sorry.


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