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High anti rnp and negative ana

I'm wondering if anyone understands my lab results. I went to my primary Doc for significant foot and hand pain with some swelling and redness. Xrays show osteoarthritis. Hisorically, I have chronic joint pain and myofascial pain syndrome for about 8 years now. But he also did labs. The labs showed a barely high anti RNP but a negative ANA. I had just completed 8 months of high dose anti inflammatory meds. The remaining labs were normal. I am currently waiting for my Rhuemy appointment. Frustrating!

My primary indicated it maybe a connective tissue disorder. Anyone have an insight? Is it even possible given it was barely positive and the remainder is normal?

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And I am 53 if it matters.


Hi TamilynS,

A positive anti-RNP antibody result is associated to some connective tissue diseases although further tests and investigations would be needed to determine if this is the case, and if it is, which connective tissue disease. I would recommend discussing this with your rheumatologist when you see them.


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