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World Auto Immune Arthritis day ... Race starts 20th May Lupus UK have a "team" please get involved on social media

worldautoimmunearthritisday... #WAAD17 will be putting the "AUTO" in "AUTO"immune/"AUTO"inflammatory Arthritis

in this MAJOR online social media awareness event.

​race starts 20th May I will be supporting Lupus UK as my Nonprofit Race Team .... join in

Thers are full details on the WAAD site worldautoimmunearthritisday... of how to be involved

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Paul_Howard or anyone else at Lupus UK ... I see that you are down as a non profit race team unfortunately the details on this page ... worldautoimmunearthritisday... seem to be incomplete for you


Hi fabwheelie,

Unfortunately I wasn't available at the time you sent your message so I wasn't able to correct this. I have now notified the organisers so hopefully this won't happen again in future years.


OK no worries. I did wonder if you may all be out of office as WAAD happened over the weekend, but thought it worth mentioning as good to have the direct link to Lupus UK ... Links were available via other links to various things done by Lupus UK such as your booklets etc in the "events programme" on the day. I posted quite a few facebook posts and tweets during the Saturday, and Yvonne Norton who runs WMLG did facebook posts too ... Lupus UK even got a mention on the Saturday on a WAAD facebook post .... so hopefully some more awareness about Lupus UK got out there

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my tweet so far

My AGE of diagnosis was 37 @Chris_Buescher is my #NASCAR driver - @Chris_Buescher plz DRIVE my post #WAAD17 for @LUPUSUK


my facebook status .... Getting ready for WAAD17 ( worldautoimmunearthritisday... "I was 37 when diagnosed with Lupus #lupus , a disease with autoimmune/autoinflammatory arthritis. Chris Buescher (@ChrisBuescher60) is my #NASCAR driver. Chris Buescher will you DRIVE MY POST forward (share) to help spread awareness that this type of arthritis is not the same as degenerative arthritis'? #WAAD17 #ArthritisHasTypes" #Lupusuk please do this for my non profit team Lupus UK

Thers are full details on the WAAD site worldautoimmunearthritisday... of how to be involved


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